1 – You are the designer of your home.

There’s nothing like the feeling of walking into a home, knowing every detail in the house and the design was hand-selected by you. With a Colby Construction custom home, you’re not limited to just decorating rooms, as your home will have your vision and will be a place for you to express yourself to fit you and your family’s needs. Starting with your architect and design, to selecting all the materials, these are the decisions that will make your home unlike anyone else’s.

2 – Designed around your lifestyle.

Do you love to entertain and want grand, open spaces? Or does a cozy rooms with lake views make you smile? Your custom home is a blank canvas, and you are the artist for your home. Every family is unique and has a different way about living, so you want your home to flow with your lifestyle. Colby Construction will help you navigate through what design and what floor plan will work with you and your family. Throughout the process you’ll get hands-on consultation and help in creating your unique environment, including selections of every aspect, from the windows to the backsplash.

3 – Timeless Design, beautiful for years to come.

When you purchase an existing home, it probably isn’t designed for what you need now and what you’ll want later. A prefab or home based off of existing models is created around current trends, not the forethought of standing the test of time and continuing to meet your needs as the years pass by.  You may need flexible space to consider a growing family or more room for entertaining, or you may be considering a home that works for you as children leave the home. Whatever the case, Colby Construction will work with you to design a house that meets your needs today and tomorrow. Your home will be a timeless, classic home that you will continue to enjoy and love in ten years as much as you do now.

4 – Located where you want.

Building a custom home means locating it on a lake or in a neighborhood you want to be in, not where a builder chose to put a model home. We can help find lake property where you want to be living. There are many things to consider when selecting your property, and Colby Construction specializes in knowing Waukesha County and Lake Country. From schools to highway proximity for commuting, you will be guided and helped to find the perfect location to build your custom home. And, with Colby Construction’s knowledge of county regulations for building on lakes, you will be navigated through what could be a complicated process with ease.

5 – Sound investment.

When you build a custom home with Colby Construction, you can be sure of quality construction and materials. Colby Construction homes are built to last for generations, using the top craftsmen and the best products. You will be completely confident in the home you are building. With an existing home, there’s wear and tear to consider, and you don’t truly know what lies beneath. When you build a custom home, you are investing in an energy efficient home that will save you money today and tomorrow.

6 – Build within your budget.

The team at Colby Construction will help you to create the budget that works for you. We will help you make selections to meet both your personality and style, but also your budget. And, we will guide you to make the highest quality selections as well. When you buy an existing home, you could be paying for features or space that you may not want or need, but with building a custom home you choose where you invest your dollars. There will be no hidden costs, and you will have total control of your investment.

7 – Have an energy efficient home.

Unlike existing homes that can require costly maintenance, your custom home by Colby Construction is built with energy efficiency and your family’s comfort in mind. Existing homes can cost more to maintain and run—especially if you’re forced to buy more space than you need. Quality custom construction means you are living in an energy efficient home with little maintenance needs. We partner with you throughout the design process to help you identify your needs so that your home has everything you want and none of the things you don’t.

8 – Live the life you envision.

Building a custom home with Colby Construction means more than a new home. It is building a lifestyle that is exactly what you envision. Your home will be planned out thoughtfully and carefully to meet your needs, your lifestyle and your personality. Every detail of the home will be considered, and when you move into your new custom home you will be moving into the home you dreamed of.

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