What to Expect from Custom Home Builder Colby Construction

You’ve made the decision to build your dream custom-built home in Southeastern Wisconsin. You may have a lot or a lake property you would like to build on, or a home that needs to be torn down first before new construction can begin. What’s next? And what can you expect during the building process from custom home builder Colby Construction?


When working with Colby Construction, you’re working with a lake home builder who will have a collaborative partnership with your architect and interior designer. When your builder and architect work together and are in sync, it prevents miscommunications that could lead to delays and extra costs.

If you have not yet selected an architect or a designer, that’s no problem! Colby Construction is a custom home builder who can lead you to the right partner for the project. They will help you to craft a team that will work with you to make this dream a reality. Colby Construction can help you select an architect, as well as an interior designer and landscaper. You will be working very closely with the assembled team, so you want to be sure they are all ready to move ahead with your plan. Your architect and builder will work hand in hand with you to design a home that will meet your family’s needs for now and in the future.

Hands On Support

Working with small custom home builders like Colby Construction will give you the advantage of knowing who your project manager is right from the beginning. You will know right from the beginning how hands on that manager will be and what involvement he or she will have. The more involved the project manager is, the more likely it is that your project will stay on task, including the budget and the timeline.

You will also have an abundance of support from our main office. You’ll reach out to our office whenever you have questions or concerns. Plus, you’ll be able to log into our project portal any day or time to see the updates, changes, and progress to your home.

At Colby Construction, we have the expertise to guide and support you from start to finish of your dream home building project. We follow our simple philosophy of “the client always comes first,” and we go above and beyond to help our clients fulfill their custom design dreams. We take pride in providing every Colby Construction client with a professional and individual experience. Every Colby home is unique, and we never build the same one twice. That’s just the beginning of what sets us apart from other Milwaukee home builders.

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