The Approach to North Lake Custom HomeThe leaves crunch under your feet, the smell of fall is in the air. House after house, daring yourself to approach… is that a ghost in the tree? It is all pretend, isn’t it? Halloween memories: the approach to the front door of a home to seek a treat! Don’t you love reliving the moment with your own children and grandchildren?

Yes, Halloween is here, and no matter how old you are, we still have those vivid memories from childhood of trick-or-treating. Approaching grand entrances with spider webs covering the windows, to simple entrances that somehow made you feel unsettled ringing the bell, not knowing who would answer the door.

No matter the memory, the entrance to your home can be warm and inviting (or a bit scary and unnerving on certain days of the year!)  Today we look at what type of entrance suits you and your custom home.

Making The Approach to Your Custom Home Suit You

Just like you noticed the front door of the homes you went door to door for candy as a child trick-or-treating, your entrance is the first glance into your home and your style. Color, texture, size and style are all indicators of the home and the owner.

The Approach to Lakeside Custom HomeFor instance, a neutral door may signify that you want to blend into the neighborhood, while a red door represents all are welcome and is a statement of a vibrant and exciting home.

Entrances can feel formal and majestic or relaxed and inviting. The feel of the entrance sets the tone for the home. The approach to your custom home is the “first impression” you give to those you invite into your most sacred inner space. When you design your custom home, the entrance is key to expressing what you want to say about yourself, your style and your home. Custom lake homes are unique in that you are creating a lake-side entrance, as well as a driveway or road side entrance, and both need to fit the style of the home.

We’ve helped many families create a memorable approach to their custom home over the years, and we’ve compiled a few of them for you here. Enjoy some of our favorite Colby Construction custom home entrances.


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Happy Halloween!