Photographing a Custom HomeA picture tells a thousand words. What better way to share the beautiful homes and features of Colby Construction’s unique, custom homes than by sharing it with pictures and photos? Today, we take you behind the scenes of a photo shoot of a recent luxury home built by Colby Construction. Tricia Shay, architectural photographer, captures the details of this gorgeous lake home, Moose Hill. Come with us behind the scenes as Tricia shows us what photographing a custom home is really like.

Behind the Scenes with Colby Construction: Photographing a Custom Home

The owners of this bespoke home thoroughly enjoyed the process of building with Colby Construction. The couple, who have four grown children and two grandchildren, wanted their dream home to be inviting and comfortable for their family and friends. It features an in-ground swimming pool, open family room, three guest rooms on the second floor, with their master suite on the main floor.

The photo shoot took place on a cloudy day, so the featured photos are interior. Enjoy this sneak peek at Moose Hill.

Check back here at the Colby Construction blog in a few weeks to see the beautiful photos that Tricia took today. This is just the first glimpse of Moose Hill, but we’ll be back several times in the near future to show you the unique features that make this house truly a luxury custom home.