Don’t let your dream of building a custom home delay your plans until the spring. For reasons based on a variety of myths, and winter ends up with a bad reputation when it comes to new construction. Winter is a great time to build a custom home. If you were planning to delay building your dream home because of winter, make sure it’s not due to any of these winter home building reasons:

Winter Weather Delays Construction

Yes, it’s true, winters in southeastern Wisconsin can be tough, and it’s hard to imagine anyone working outdoors during winter at all. From heavy snowstorms to freezing sleet, sub-zero temperatures, and more, this is Wisconsin in the winter! But there is some good news: while winter truly is a force to behold, so are the people of this state: they work in all conditions.


Will Contractors Work in the Winter?

Absolutely. Contractors embrace all sorts of weather to get the job done. They are expected to build during spring storms, summer heat, and fall winds and don’t shy away from the winter cold. In reality, many builders prefer the cold to the blistering heat of some summer days. They can simply wear coats in the winter, after all. Escaping the heat in July is not as easy.

Does Snow Delay Construction?

Snow happens, and contractors are accustomed to dealing with it. Contractors don’t mind flurries, and actually prefer snow to heavy rain any day. Usually, they can toss up a tarp and continue working unbothered. That being said, too much ice or temperatures below 20 degrees may cause difficulties during exterior work. Contractors can also shift to interior work that day if the elements outside are too brutal.


Building in Cold Weather Makes Materials Weaker

While everything seems to be more challenging outdoors in the winter, from the morning newspaper frozen solid, to a car that won’t start, and everything seems to be brittle. It’s tough not to think the cold will damage building materials, but fortunately, this myth isn’t true.



Does the Cold Reduce Concrete’s Strength?

The colder it gets, the longer concrete takes to set. Even though this is inevitable, people have found a way to overcome nature. To combat cold, calcium chloride is added as an accelerant. Using the additive ensures that concrete sets on a similar timetable in the winter as concrete sets during warmer weather.

The misconception that the additive reduces concrete’s strength is not true. Concrete with and without calcium chloride retains similar strength, and both meet building codes.

Does the Winter Weaken Lumber During Framing?

It is not true that snow lying on lumber weakens its integrity. Although there is some truth to the idea that moisture is harmful to lumber, snow isn’t as moist as weather can get. In reality, humid climates and rainy seasons can be far worse for the lumber overall.

As long as someone brushes it off, the snow is nothing to worry about. Moisture absorption rates in lumber are significantly lower in winter than in summer.


Building in the Winter is More Expensive

With the perceived transportation difficulties and material scarcity, it stands to reason that anyone would think winter building is pricier than any other season. However, winter incentives tend to negate the extra costs.

Won’t Materials Cost More for Contractors During Winter?

Some materials, like certain types of lumber, may come at a higher cost to the contractor at different times of the year. That being said, the winter might not be one of those times. Lumber mills often offer discounts to contractors during slower times, like the winter. So, winter could actually provide cost savings instead.


Won’t Contractors Charge Me More Over Winter?

No, the majority of contractors are happy about the work during the winter. In addition, they may offer incentives just like their suppliers – because winter tends to be a slow time for contractors, too. They may include certain seasonal charges, like topsoil or heaters, but overall the process will be less expensive.


Winter can be Prime Building Time

Don’t push off or delay building your new custom home because of these myths! If you have a dream home in mind, don’t let the winter slow you down. Colby Construction will brave the cold to make your dream come true.