Keep Your Custom Home Beautiful Through the Long WinterWe love our pets and we want our family home to include a welcome environment for them, too.

Chances are, if you are building a new home, you will want to think about your furry family member, as well as the humans that will be living in your new dwelling (68% of American homes have a cat or dog). Why not build your home with your four-footed friend in mind? If you give your pet forethought, you will be happier once you are settled in your new home.

Building a custom home with your pet in mind

Personal space for your pet:

The mudroom is a perfect area to look at when designing around your pet. Create a space large enough to have a crate or bed for your pet, along with plenty of storage for food, leashes and toys. Drawers for food and treats, hooks for leashes…Think about the needs of your pet and encompass everything they might need.

If you are really keeping your fluffy family member in mind, consider putting in a small shower or tub in the mudroom where you can wash your dog up after they get into something in the great outdoors.

And what about the smells that are coming from the cat’s litter box? This may be the perfect area to hide that away as well.

Consider an eat station in the kitchen for your pet, let them be part of the family at mealtime with there own dining area.

Colby+017-1513032958-OEnjoying Nature:

If your pet is free to roam outside, consider a fenced in lot or an invisible fence. Trees and shade are important to give them a spot to lie under. If your pet is not free to roam, consider windows and doors in the home that allows views of all the activity going on outside. If you can let your pet come and go, consider a cat or dog door.

Durable Products:

Keep in mind that pets can cause damage to flooring, woodwork, carpet and furniture. The harder the floor, the more durably it will hold up under Fido’s toenails and Fluffy’s claws. Select carpet, furniture and drapery that fur does not show up on as easily. You will also want low-pile carpet that is stain resistant.  Consider a ducted vacuum system that is powerful to clean up after your pet, too.

Keeping the entire family in mind when building your custom home will create an environment that works for everyone and will make your life simpler, too.

For more ideas to make your pet comfortable, enjoy our pins featuring home designs with pets in mind.