Many homeowners today embark on either new home projects or remodels with the intent of selling the home in the not too distant future. Building a custom home with an eye to sell is a particularly good mindset for homeowners planning for future life changes or considering their project an investment opportunity. And, while creativity and unique styles are still welcome infusions into any custom project, the experts have some recommendations on trends and styles, in terms of both design aesthetics and living spaces, which will maximize the home’s future salability.

Green/ Sustainability:

One of the top building trends to emerge, for both commercial and residential projects, is building green. Sustainable building is achieved in many areas of the project including: investing in appliances and fixtures designated as “energy efficient by the EPA”; using reclaimed and recycled building materials; installing solar panels; and a tankless water heater.

Open Concept:

Over the past few decades, family lifestyles have changed dramatically, from how we entertain to how we gather as a family, and floor plans in new homes have adapted accordingly. More open space and flow between living areas is generally preferred to having smaller rooms that are closed off from the rest of the home. Formal dining rooms have given way to more versatile spaces suitable to all forms of entertaining, whether cocktail hour or formal dinner. Kitchens are now even more-so a central focus for the main living space, as control central for the modern family, a place for cooking, meals, homework and gathering.

Modern Bathroom & Kitchen:

When it comes to remodels, kitchens and the bathrooms, particularly the master bath, should be one of the top priorities. Modern, energy-efficient appliances should be installed and will generally recoup more than 100% of the investment. Sinks, bathtubs and showers, with updated, neutral tiling and fixtures are also simple fixes that yield maximum effect. Lighting should also be a consideration, incorporating a balance of recessed and decorative fixtures to allocate for desired balance, along with versatility of mood and working needs.


Customizing a new home to match the homeowners’ and families’ lifestyle preferences is one of the great joys when embarking on a new home project. It is when design choices and aesthetics become too personal and specific that re-sale may become an issue. When embarking on a home project intended to be a “forever” family home, custom and unique features that reflect very specific taste and lifestyles infuse the home with personality. Yet a home with very unique or unusual design characteristics can be difficult to sell, as new home seekers may be detracted by the cost and effort required to neutralize the excessive personalization of the previous homeowner. More mainstream and neutral design aesthetics will appeal to a broader range of home buyers looking for a modernly-appointed home that is move-in ready, easy to update with their own personal touches and requiring minimum additional investment costs.

HVAC/ Central Vacuum:

A new, energy-efficient HVAC system is a standard feature of new custom homes. Improvements in technology over the past few decades have allowed for cleaner air with filtering systems and central-air humidifiers maintaining consistency humidity levels in the home. Improved air quality in the home significantly improves the health of the occupants as well as the home itself.

Consulting with Local Custom Home Builder:

Local professional custom home builders are the best source of information for what new homeowners are looking for in specific areas. Trends in architectural design and floorplans vary by community, and consulting a local expert prior to building or remodeling on the most desirable floorplans, layouts and design aesthetics will maximize the home’s buying potential. They will also offer the best advice on allocating resources, ranging from roofing, siding, floors, appliances, fixtures, etc., to yield the best return on investments.