King of his Castle: Celebrate Dad in your Custom Home

Father’s Day is almost upon us, and what a better place to celebrate Dad than in his own home! Father’s Day is all about letting Dad kick back and relax. Whether that means a nap in a hammock, a cold refreshment pool or dock side or playing catch in the yard, make your home his castle and the place to be spoiled this Father’s Day.

Celebrate Dad in your Custom Home

Celebrate Dad this coming Sunday with some grand, fun ideas! Here are some to help get you started:

Breakfast is served:

While breakfast in bed is often thought of for Mom, why not wake Dad up by cooking his favorite in your custom kitchen? Does he love pancakes? Omelets? Whatever his favorite breakfast treat is, let him lounge in his bed and bring breakfast to him. Don’t forget to bring the coffee and newspaper along!

Making Your Bedroom a Place of Comfort and Repose in Your Custom HomeGive Dad the weekend off:

Whatever work he spends his weekends doing, cutting the lawn or doing chores in the house, give him some time off and have the entire family pitch in to take care of his duties for him. This weekend is about getting time to relax.

The gift that keeps giving:

Why stop with just the chores for the weekend? How about presenting him with a coupon book that can be cashed in for completion of chores throughout the summer?

Dad’s choice:

What does Dad love to do? Head to the pier and fish? A little croquet in the yard or time as a family relaxing on the porch? If Dad loves to BBQ, let him enjoy a cocktail on the patio while everyone else does the work.

Keep Cool in Your Custom HomeThe gift of time:

How about a block of time that Dad can enjoy for himself? Whether he wants to head out on for a bike ride or hit the golf course, let him have the gift of time.

King of the Castle:

If only for the day, make Dad the official King! Let the kids create a crown for him and make his favorite cake or desert. Dad works hard, so let him have the day!

Whatever you do for Father’s Day, enjoy the time together!