Choosing Halloween Decorations that Complement a Luxury Custom Built Home

Halloween marks the official beginning of the fall decorating season, and many home decorating enthusiasts go all out with seamless transitions from Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas. Owners of showcase custom built homes often seize the opportunity to add festive garnishes that will both celebrate the holidays and complement their carefully constructed home. The trick is to show restraint, especially when children are involved, to really strike the balance between the typical uninhibited kid decorating gusto and a more restrained and tasteful adult palate.

It is difficult in today’s world and marketplace to avoid plastic – it’s everywhere and in nearly everything. It’s cheap (read: disposable) and it looks cheap. You get what you pay for. Assuredly, luxury home owners do not intend to degrade the superior craftsmanship of their home with tacky embellishments, yet any parent will agree it is hard to avoid with young children attracted to every plastic holiday toy and character they see. The majority of plastic trinkets are not worth the space to store from season to season (as colors fade, they break easily), and seasonal disposal of these products seems unkind to the environment. The best solution is really to minimize the plastic and encourage kids to create their own holiday magic.

Holiday decorating is definitely highly enjoyable for some and completely unappealing to others. Rather than considering it a test of taste or talent, it provides the perfect opportunity for families to work together, encouraging creative collaboration to personalize the holidays in the family’s dream home. It also provides an opening for creating or preserving special traditions, drawing upon culture, values and heritage. Traditions may range from carving pumpkins to creating centerpieces with gourds and Indian corn, making wreaths of twigs and berries, or simply hanging ghosts throughout the house.

Finding inspiration in nature is clearly a theme, as it aptly reflects and celebrates the changing of the seasons and draws upon the origins of the holidays. Bringing the magical outdoors into the home also creates harmony and complements the beautiful natural materials used within the custom built home’s construction. Even minimal effort can invoke holiday spirit, such as pumpkins and cornstalks flanking the door and scented spice candles burning in the kitchen. An easy way to tie in themes throughout the house is to consider the canvas: fireplaces, windows, dining or kitchen table centerpieces, doorways and home entryways are the most obvious.

An additional benefit of using natural accessories is the reduction of unnecessary waste. Avoiding plastic, however, should not mean the palate is limited to nature’s bounty. Families should be inspired by the simple yet clever art creations of children past and present, creating collages that can be added to yearly. There is always room for spiders, ghosts, witches and cats alongside the pumpkins, corn and berries. Working together as a family to set the scene for the upcoming holiday in your lovingly created dream home is what adds magic to the season. The following Pinterest board provides some creative and tasteful Halloween decorating ideas.