While the temperatures have been lovely this past week, you can feel and see that fall is in the air. The evening temperatures are beginning to dip and the leaves in the trees are changing colors. Football is back, pumpkins are on doorsteps and school is in full swing. As a custom home owner, be sure to take a walk around your home (inside and out) to consider what needs to be taken care of while the weather is still cooperating.

A true advantage of building a custom home with Colby Construction (or seeking to improve your current home) is the opportunity to take advantage of Colby Care. 

What is Colby Care and what does that mean for you?  

Well, fall is the perfect time to utilize the convenience of all Colby Care has to offer. Colby Care Division is the extension of our ongoing relationship, serving our clients’ individual needs after the completion of their project, their custom lake home. Ongoing custom home maintenance, home management and upkeep are all provided to our clients on an as-needed basis. Our clients are our top priority and Colby Care continues with that personal touch. We can help you comfortably maintain your home with the following and more:

  • In Need of a Fresh Coat?

When looking at the exterior of your home, take a look at the color and paint on your home and on the trim. The fall is the perfect time to opt for a new paint job or retouching chipping paint and repairing siding. This will also make your landscaping show in the best light.

  • Let there be Light

Check your exterior lighting, making sure everything is in good working order and that light bulbs are all replaced. Fall is the time to do this as the days get shorter, and you rely on your exterior lighting more and more. Perhaps you are looking to showcase your home with more exterior lighting. Fall is a perfect time to add lighting around your landscape and to highlight your dream home.

  • Keep up with the Pool Maintenance

For many pool homeowners, the ending of summer symbolizes the end of the swimming season. But that doesn’t mean you can stop working on the pool maintenance and forget about it until next spring! During the fall months, your pool will need to keep its chemicals at balanced levels, and be sure to deal with fallen debris, leaves and bugs that need to be cleaned out. Schedule your pool to be closed before the temperatures drop too low.

  • Maintenance Needs

Fall is the time for the simple maintenance of your home. Your HVAC should be cleaned and checked and filters should be changed. Have the screens removed from your windows and cleaned and stored. Check the home for any windows or doors that could potentially be in need of repair. Replace the batteries in the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

  • Heading out of town?

If you are a snowbird and getting ready to leave your home for an extended period, you will need someone to care for your property. Who understands the ins and outs of it better than Colby Construction? Count on Colby Care to maintain the ins and outs of your home while you are away.

To learn more or to schedule an appointment this fall, contact Colby Construction. www.colbyconstruction.com

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