The countertop is a focal point of every custom home kitchen. The countertop is essential to the functionality of a great space for cooking and gathering, and it is a big piece of the heart of the home. The countertop is also the foundation of kitchen décor and sets the tone for the style throughout the room.

Because of this importance, the material, finish and design you choose for your countertop is of great importance. Following are the hottest countertop trends for custom homes in 2019 that set your home apart from others. The trends for countertops of course focus heavily on color and material choices.

Countertop Trends for Custom Homes

The Quality of Quartz

Quartz was introduced as a high-end alternative to granite. Granite is natural stone and has dominated the countertop industry for many years. Homeowners who were seeking something strong, durable and beautiful would choose from the hundreds of granite options to highlight their counters.The downside to downside to granite is that it is porous. With a porous surface, liquids like water, wine, and oils can seep through the surface and cause stains. The other issue with a porous surface is that it becomes a surface that breeds dangerous bacteria that could leave your countertop unsanitary.

The porous issue can be resolved by sealing the granite surface with a non-porous sealant. However, the sealant wears off with time and wear, so the countertop needs to be resealed throughout its lifetime.

Quartz is non-porous and does not have to go through regular re-sealing. This means it is highly resistant against staining and is one of the most hygienic countertop options for homeowners. Quartz is extremely strong and durable. With this low maintenance material that comes in many color and style options, it is not going anywhere soon.

Quartz comes in a variety of patterns and finishing techniques and mimics the look of natural stone. One of the most current and trending finishes right now is matte. Quartz manufacturers continue to come out with more options, styles and improvements. This product is just going to continue to become a more popular selection, not just in 2019 but in the years to come.

Textures and Finishes

More and more the design movement is using textured and tactile surfaces, and this is perfect option for countertops too. Honed and leather surfaces are the most common and can be applied to many different materials, such as granite, marble, and quartz. Even though polished is still the most popular, there are advantages to these two others.

Honed finish is a matte finish with little to no shine. With a honed finish, the polishing process ends before buffing to create a matte or low-gloss sheen that lacks the highly reflective shine of traditional granite, quartz or marble. The overall look will vary depending on the stone type, but it should have a low sheen and a smooth surface. Honed finishes work well with marble, since its lack of shine conceals any flaws or scratch marks more readily.

Leathered finish is a newer style of treatment that has become more popular in recent years. It has a soft sheen that is less glossy from a polished slab, and has a different feel to the touch. The leather finish retains the stone’s natural color, giving it a more sophisticated look than honed. It also hides fingerprints and water spots remarkable well, which is very appealing to many.

These are just a few finishes to consider when choosing a countertop in 2019.

Homeowners are seeking a bit more character in their countertops. With today’s technology there are many creative solutions. Countertops come in such a wide variety of patterns today. Homeowners have the opportunity to make a statement with their counters. Materials like quartz are being designed to resemble slabs of natural stone, like granite & marble. With veins created in interesting patterns designed into the countertop slabs, you have the opportunity to be creative and show your personality in your kitchen. Want something even more realistic? No need for a polished piece– honed and leathered finishes have the durability needed for the kitchen but have a drastically different look in the space.

All of these varied finishes make for an interesting design coordination with other kitchen elements like hardwood or tile floors, cabinetry in any color combination, and backsplash. Countertops truly are the center of a home, the place the family gathers to cook, do activities, schoolwork, share a snack or beverage and more. It is a special part of your custom home, and your selections should be made thoughtfully.