When designing your new custom home, you need to take into consideration those who will dwell in the home. If there are children in the mix and that will be cohabitating with adults, their needs must be front and center in the design process and the materials used in the home in order to accommodate everyone’s needs. 

Be Practical 

There are many simple and logical things to add to your custom home that must be thought through for kids. From the moment you walk through the door, consider the space from a child’s perspective. A large kid-friendly mud room with plenty of space is a must. Having dedicated hooks and cubbies for each child to hang jackets, backpacks, store boots and shoes will help keep your home organized and simplify things for them. 

Moving further into the layout and design of your home, it is very functional for a family with children to have an open floor plan. This allows parents to keep an eye on children; for instance, meal prep taking place in the kitchen to happen while small children play in the family room open to it. Simple design and décor will make for a more functional family home. 

A play room that can later be converted to a study lounge or home office is great addition to a custom home. The room can change and develop with kids as they grow from toddlers to teens. This space will keep toys out of the common living area and, as kids grow up, give them their own area for entertaining friends. 

Another thing to consider: the location of the kid’s bedrooms. A separate corridor or different level from the master bedroom allows kids and adults alike to have their own area to retreat to. When designing the layout of children’s bedrooms, Jack and Jill bathrooms is a wonderful way for kids to efficiently share space, yet also have some privacy. 

A Place for Everything 

With kids comes “stuff” and, if there is a place to put the “stuff,” you can keep your custom home from becoming a cluttered home. Built in cubbies, bench seats, drawers and cabinets and built in shelving allows you to stow away blankets, craft items and games. Knowing where things go and a place to put everything makes staying organized and clutter-free a breeze. 

Use Material That Stands Up to Kids 

Now that you have created a layout and functional flow of your home, select materials that will handle the day in and day out traffic that comes with kids. When it comes to flooring, you will certainly want something durable that stands up to whatever chaos may be happening. When it comes to hardwood or engineered wood floors, the harder the wood the better. Hickory or oak are great options. Laminate and vinyl floors can certainly handle spills and crashes as well. When selecting carpeting, consider carpet tiles. It is much easier to replace one tile than an entire carpeted room. 

The best option for walls is to use a semigloss paint. Most anything can be easily wiped off and cleaned up from semigloss paint. Furniture selection should also be durable; let’s face it, sofas and beds double as trampolines for children. Spending a bit more on quality furniture will ensure that it will last longer under the wear and tear of a growing family. 

When you begin the process of your custom home project, your children should be considered from the very beginning with your builder. Colby Construction has worked with many families building their dream lake home and have endless ideas to make your home “kid friendly”!