Residents of the Lake Country are deeply appreciative of the natural beauty and myriad of recreation the surrounding lakes provide. With plenty of access to the bounty of lakes and streams, enjoyment of the water is not restricted to lakefront homeowners. In fact, many custom home owners prefer to create their own backyard water oases away from the natural waterways, with pools, streams or ponds bringing life to their property. And some water lovers prefer to have it all, incorporating a pool into their lakefront home to ensure the best of both worlds with views to match.

Water is not only the ultimate luxury for summertime activities and escaping the heat; its healing properties, both mentally and physically are well documented. While the nutritional properties of water are emphasized, as hydration is critical for healthy skin and bodies, other healing benefits are important. Floating in the water can draw us into a total state of relaxation and comfort, yet just observing and listening to flowing water soothes the mind and reduces stress. The healing energy of water is revered in the practice of Feng Shui, as one of the five natural elements. Water is one of the most powerful forces of nature, both healer and destroyer, and is an ancient symbol of abundance. Adding water elements to the home brings renewal and a sense of flow.

There are many ways to introduce elements of flowing water to any custom home property ranging from simple sculptures to tranquil pools and waterfalls. Landscape architects are generally in on the ground floor with custom home projects and are a great help in imagining creative ways to incorporate water elements into any exterior space. The following are common areas and concepts for introducing water elements to a custom home property, with the ability to be uniquely adapted:

  • Fountains: traditionally fountains were introduced to stately homes in the forms of sculptures, generally ornate in fashion. Modern incarnations of fountains have included recycled and organic materials into sculptures for gardens, patios and entryways into the home, producing the same therapeutic benefits, whether subtly blending into the landscape or being a design focal point.
  • Waterfalls: subtle cascades of water can be adjacent to pool areas, introduced to retaining or decorative walls along the property or even be created by stand-alone sculptures.
  • Decorative down-spouts: with the primary function of directing rain water away from a home’s foundation to prevent water damage, sculptural downspouts are equally effective at this task while adding a decorative and ambient element.
  • Koi Ponds: with primarily Japanese origins, Koi are ornamental varieties of the common carp and used for decorative purposes in outdoor water gardens and ponds. In Japanese, Koi translates as love and affection.

Check out some of our favorite pinterest ideas on incorporating water elements into the exterior of your custom home property, encompassing a variety of areas and design taste: