Everyone loves a cozy hideaway to retreat to now and then, and most people have a different idea of what constitutes their perfect, private space. A place to escape, dream and restore, a custom built dream home should ideally provide a few such special areas, to be shared or personalized for a specific member of the family. As a luxury custom home builder, we can provide this personalized space per-request.

While it is much easier to consider such special places prior to embarking on building a new custom home, consider the endless possibilities when renovating an existing structure. The popularity of open concept living, particularly around the kitchen and entertaining spaces, does not at all affect the ability to create specially-designed cozy spaces enticing to all members of the family. With a little reimagining of indoor living spaces that are underutilized, an overlooked or forgotten space or corner can be transformed into an entirely useful and desirable place to hide.

Some incredible opportunities exist in the following areas:

Under the stairs: Many staircases, both grand and simple, offer space underneath for bookshelves, a desk or recessed sitting area. This oft-forgotten little space could provide a cozy nest or studying nook.

Walk in Pantry: when redesigning kitchen space, particularly with open concept living, a large pantry provides the storage space to maintain a clutter-free kitchen. Yet it can also provide a cozy private space for the shared “family office”, holding calendars, correspondence and projects.

Window seats: taking advantage of the light and the view, arrange plush cushions and pillows to make more like a daybed to provide a perfect afternoon nap or reading spot.

Corner spaces: the central living spaces in many homes generally focuses on the centers of the room to maximize the room’s space. Consider optimizing corners of such rooms, rather than filling with just decorative accents. A pair of comfortable chairs provide a quiet conversation area away from the party, or a decorative chaise could dually serve as an artful accent and solitary retreat.

Attic/ loft spaces: traditionally, attics conjure up images of dusty old trunks and forgotten heirlooms, with spiderwebs and ghosts. It can be the space made of dreams rather than nightmares, used for play or art rooms or a private place to display personal treasures.

Spare bedrooms: rather than keep a tidy guest room for a once-a-year occupant, utilize the space for an extra den, study room or library. A plush fold-out sofa will serve that occasional guest just as well.

The above-mentioned spaces are just the start of opportunities that exist for homeowners working with a custom home builder and luxury custom home builder on a new project. Check out the following ideas for more inspiration in creating special hideaway spaces to complement the home of your dreams.


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