Creating Shady Opportunities in a Custom Home Promotes Safe Sun Practices

Ah summertime in the Lake Country area in Wisconsin, the too-short season that we crave the other three seasons. While the long, hot, sunny days are a blessed respite from the gloomy and chilly winter and “spring”, safe sun practices are important to insure maximum enjoyment of the summer. The blessed sunshine can be punishing on lawns, landscaping, wood and paint, among other areas of the home. But more importantly, luxury homeowners should be mindful of protecting family and guests from over-exposure to sun by offering multiple convenient “shady” opportunities.

Porches: these beautiful architectural features in luxury custom homes are also functional for relaxing and entertaining in the outdoors. Porches provide a transition from indoors to out and a space to allocate comfortable seating areas out of the sun. They can also be wonderful dining areas, convenient to indoor service areas for meal preparation and clean-up. Additional features such as fireplaces and screens can extend their utilization and entertaining options well past the summer months.


Umbrellas: With so many beautiful outdoor fabrics and styles offered today, umbrellas are a wonderful decorative feature for any outdoor area. Porches, pool decks, outdoor seating areas and piers may be visually enhanced by either bright colors or the natural clean lines of modern umbrellas. Additionally, the variety of bases and features ensure the right solution for any space.



Natural Shade: before there were umbrellas and awnings and elaborate porches, nature provided the lake country landscape with an abundance of perfect shady spots under mature trees. Luxury home owners blessed with mature trees on their property can take advantage of their natural shade by placing comfortable seating areas or hammock in their proximity. Relaxing under a shady oak is a perfect way to connect with nature and appreciate the beauty of the property.


Covered Boats: it is no secret that the sun’s effect is intensified on the water due to its reflective properties. When playing on the lake or floating in a pool, the body is exposed to double the UV rays, both directly from the sun and reflected by the water, thus a sunburn will occur quicker. And while it is true that damaging UVB rays are absorbed by the water, one has to be a few meters deep to be fully protected; 40% of rays still come through in up to a meter of water and the water’s cooling effect lessens awareness of the sun’s intensity. The best way to ensure sun safety while out boating is to invest in sun covers/ bikini tops for the boats that offer shade for passengers and extend time on the water.

Cover-ups, hats, sunscreen and cold drinks: these are some easy props to keep handy, by the pool or lake or patio, to ensure proper hydration and sun protection. By keeping extras on hand, outdoor playtime with family and friend won’t be cut short by sunburn or heatstroke!