Curb appeal provides the first impression of your home. It is also your personal style that will shine through when someone sees your home for the first time. Most details of your custom home are found in the interior to fit your lifestyle, but the outside radiates what lies inside the front door and beyond. Read on to learn tips for the right curb appeal for your custom home.


picture of a large gray home with a curved driveway


The architectural style of your home will dictate the overall feel. The details will give it character and personality: the front porch, distinctive beams, crown molding, roofing products, windows, and doors are all part of the appeal. An eye-catching exterior begins with the details that will distinguish it from other homes.


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The exterior finish you select will enhance your architectural style and design. Selecting products that work together is key in showcasing your home. Whether you choose stone, brick or stucco, shingles, metal, or wood, there are countless ways to make your home unique. Once the products have been selected, the color of your home will make the next greatest impact on your curb appeal. You also want to use high-quality building materials that can create an elegant appearance and contribute to the value of a custom-built home. Meanwhile, picking home-building materials and colors that reflect your style gives your home distinction and character too.


picture of a blue and gray house


A front porch or balcony will add to your curb appeal also. A wrap-around porch is an elegant addition to a custom home. It welcomes people into your home and allows you to add your own personality with benches or chairs, potted flowers and plants and colorful rugs.


Doors and windows also create the style of your home and add to its beauty. They are like the accessories of the home that give it personality. You will want to select these items carefully to be sure it gives your custom home a look and feel you are hoping for. You want your front door to be warm and inviting, stylish and elegant. Doors come in so many shapes and sizes, so the selection needs to work with the rest of the exterior and add appeal to your home.


picture of a gray home with a porch and blue door


When building your custom home, it is important to select a landscaper who can work with your homebuilder to enhance the exterior of your home. A cohesive design that enhances your home and showcases your property will add to the value and beauty of your home.


exterior of a white home with maroon shutters


Don’t forget about lighting up your home. Outdoor recessed lighting is a great way to illuminate your front porch without taking up space. You can also use it to add light to a walkway, showcase a water feature like a fountain or pond, and create a safe and beautiful lit path to your home.


You can also combine recessed lighting with other outdoor lighting options like lampposts, spotlights, and more to create the ideal atmosphere, highlight important architectural or landscape elements, and increase the curb appeal of your home with detailed, carefully thought-out lighting.


picture of a gray house with a balcony


Your garage door or doors should also be thought out carefully. The garage can take up much of your front facade, so you want it to enhance your home. A beautiful garage door can add so much detail to your custom home. From the material to the hardware, it can add elegance and style to your home.


There are a lot of details to think about when it comes to planning out a custom home. At Colby Construction, we specialize in building your dream. We know it can be overwhelming, but partnering with the right custom home builder will help you manage the process and keep it positive and exciting. When you are ready to build your dream, we will help you with every detail, from the exterior or the home’s curb appeal to the lifestyle you enjoy within the interior!


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