Never before has the comfort of home seemed or been more important than today. As we leave behind the challenging year of 2020, we are forever changed by what home life looks like. This past year, families discovered together time in a whole new light. As working from home while children were learning virtually was not always easy, the idea of being together and meal time became the highlight of the day. People began to really think about what is most important in their home. Moving into 2021, the home building industry is booming. Work from home appears to be a trend that may stay, and executives are leaving their corporate offices in major cities to move to the suburbs, rural and lake communities for a simpler live.

Custom Built New Home Trends for 2021

Separate Quarters:

This new way of living had families scrambling to rearrange their home and lifestyle to suddenly accommodate home offices, homeschooling space and home gyms. This is creating a shift in the trends for new luxury homes in 2021. Families came to the realization that the open concept home is not necessarily practical, and that a lack of privacy equates to lack of function. The trend of the open concept home is beginning to go away, and moving forward new homes will have more flexible and closed layouts to gain privacy and a little bit of separation. When your home is more than just the place you live and relax, but also your place of work, your gym and the kid’s school, there is an absolute need for separation so you can “leave” work simply by closing the door of the room you work in.


Large Kitchen Spaces:

While separate rooms and less open space will be the trend moving forward, one thing that won’t change and will become more desired in new homes is a large, open kitchen. This past year, the heart of the home more than ever became the kitchen and will continue to be so moving forward. Families want a large, multi-functioning space that allows a spot for the kids to be doing homework  or playing a game at the island while meal preparation is going on at the same time. Research by the National Kitchen & Bath Association reveals that 87% of homeowners want a kitchen that functions in a variety of ways. Larger kitchen islands and updated appliances are emerging as a design trend.


Home Office:

Another trend that will be here to stay is a Work From Home space. WFH is an acronym that seems to be becoming the norm. Forbes magazine estimates nearly half the American workforce will be working from home. This requires homes to have a true, designated workspace or office for privacy and a neutral backspace for Microsoft Team and Zoom meetings.


Technology and smart home features continue to be on the rise, and this will become more common in 2021 and beyond. Automated lighting and smart-phone home integration and technology will become more common. Voice activated features on appliances are on the rise, as well as touch-less window treatments, faucets and toilets.


The Great Outdoors:

The outdoor space of the home has always been important, but like many of the new home trends stemming from the current pandemic, outdoor living space is more important then ever. Outdoor kitchens, dining spaces and living rooms are more common and give more spaces and places to enjoy as we tend to spend more free time at home. The spaces include outdoor sound systems and televisions, wet bars and entertaining options. Hot tubs and swimming pools sales reached an all time high this past year, and it appears the trend will continue into 2021.


A Space to Sweat:

The home gym and workout spaces will continue to rise this year. Home gym equipment like Peloton and Norditrack sales have skyrocketed, and the wait to receive your piece of equipment can be months. In locations like Wisconsin, the option to work outdoors in the winter months is more difficult, so the home gym will be a must have in a new custom home floor plan.

home gyms in custom homes

Other trends for custom home design in 2021 includes: large laundry rooms, areas for gardening, dedicated playrooms and spacious master bathrooms that allow adults to retreat to. While 2020 proved to be a difficult year for many, it also shed light on updates that can truly make your custom home your sanctuary.