You are building a custom home. You spend hours pouring over websites like Houzz and Pinterest looking at details you would like to incorporate in your kitchen, master bathroom and living room. But how much time have you given to your new garage? Webster’s definition of a garage is: a shelter or repair shop for automotive vehicles. But a garage in today’s custom home is much more than that. Design, style and functionality of the garage are as important as many other areas in your home.  A garage is far more than a box to protect your car from the weather – although, as winter is upon us, that is an important feature too.  Your garage is an extension of your home. It tells a lot about your family and your lifestyle. Here are a few things you may want to consider when you are designing the garage for your custom home. 

Garage Beautiful 

Your front entry door is important, as it’s where you welcome your guests and they receive their first impression of your home. But don’t treat your garage door like it is not important as well. It will take up so much more space than an entry door and is usually much more prominently located on the exterior of your home. 

Select a garage door that can make a significant impact and make your home truly stand out. Garage doors take a lot of abuse from being opened and closed multiple times every single day. You should select a garage door that is high quality and made to withstand rigorous use, all while making your house look professionally designed. Using a similar design scheme for your garage door(s) shows a harmonious flow throughout your home’s exterior. Play around with color, framing, windows and lighting to balance a complementary look between your front entry door and your garage door. 

The Inside Counts 


Garages need to have shelves. There are so many things that get stored in a garage that, without shelves, you will lose things all the time. You can have small shelves for things like shoes and boots, or larger shelves for things like totes of holiday decorations. It is easy to store things that would be used outside on the shelves of a garage. Set them up around the perimeter of your garage, or have an extra place dedicated to just holding shelves and storing the things you do not want to store inside your home. 

Easy Clean Up: 

One of the things that often gets overlooked when it comes to customizing a garage is having an area where you can hook up a hose and rinse the garage down. This lets you get rid of debris that blew in when the door was open and anything else you may have spilled outside. Be sure to have a drain installed at the lowest point of your garage and get that connected to the sewer. Whenever you need to spray down your garage, you have somewhere for the water to go.

A Place for Everything: 

Whether there is a handyman in your family who needs a place to store his tools, or an active family with sporting equipment, bicycles and helmets, bats and balls, take into consideration how you will store these items. Thinking through what will be stored in your garage when building it, you can create a space that allows for everything to have its place. You will feel more organized, and it will be easier to keep a clean garage if this is carefully planned and thought through. 

Your Garage Style is an Extension of Your Home 

Some garage doors, such as wood or carriage house style, are designed with attractive details that make them really stand out. When selecting the garage door, be sure it fits with the other exterior doors, windows and molding on the house.  

Exterior lighting can be the finishing touch to your custom garage. Overhead or side lighting can draw attention to any beautiful details on your garage area and cast a warm, welcoming glow. 

Select exterior lighting for the garage that you will love near your front entry area as well and go with something matching or the same for the garage to bring harmony. 

Attractive, high-quality garage lighting isn’t just for looks – it’s also an important safety and security feature for your home. 

When designing your custom home and making your selections, you should not forget the importance of the garage. It is an important part of your home that you use on a daily basis. The garage can be an afterthought when building your dream home, but don’t let it be. Show off your personal style by creating the perfect garage for everything you and your family need. Make your garage a place that houses many of your favorite things — instead of a place you just walk through when going to your car.