As we move into February, the trends for custom home building have continued to emerge. If you are building this year, you will want to consider some of these new custom home building trends to make your dream home the perfect place for you and your family. 

Adding More Nature-inspired Elements and Biophilic Design

Homeowners often enjoy using local and organic materials to create a healthy interior environment. The Colby Construction team will work to design features that mesh with the geography and ecology of the lot. 

Biophilic design principles continue to be popular in 2022. These design principles emphasize creating calming, plant-filled environments that establish a visual connection with nature. It’s only natural that as more people work from home, they have a desire to bring the outdoors inside, which creates a calm, plant-filled environment that establishes a connection with nature. 

Another way to add more natural elements is with the return to eco-friendly materials like wood, brick, and stone. This natural look will also carry into interior design choices, such as rattan, jute furniture and ceramics. 

Creating Curve in Construction

Rounded design elements are making a comeback in 2022. Curves add warmth and coziness to spaces inside and outside the home. Landscaping that includes rounded planters and curved walkways provide a natural flow, and indoor features like arched entryways, windows, and bar designs bring character into each room. Ceilings, arched entryways and windows are more examples of how to include curved designs in your home. 

Curved furniture pieces will add extra dimension to any space making it very simple to implement. Rounded sofas, ottomans, tables, and shelving are other curved furniture options to round out your home design. Curved bars will also make a big comeback in particular this year. 

Designing More Distinctive Spaces

home office for Colby blog custom home building trends When families suddenly found themselves all at home together in the pandemic, it highlighted the weakness of the open floor plan. When family members work from home, attend school virtually, and look for ways to stay busy, it’s clear that everyone needs separate spaces. Because of this, there is a return to home offices, entertainment rooms, playrooms, and the traditional den. 

In particular, home offices, studies and remote work spaces are here to stay. This has upped the square footage needed in order to to include the home office space. Often, there is even a need for more than one home office for families. 





Adding Color to Kitchens kitchen with wood accents for Colby Blog custom home building trends

White kitchens have been the rage for many years now. However, the 2022 kitchen trends will include colorful kitchens with mixed materials like granite on the counter tops and wood on the island. Natural wood grains in neutral or warm tones are replacing white cabinets as well. 

Bright colors are also trending in the kitchen, breaking up the long-lasting trend of completely white kitchens. Colors like navy blues and apple greens and reds all add vibrancy to the kitchen space. 

Personality From the Past

Minimalism is on its way out, and instead, people want to showcase their personalities. Treasures from the past are on the rise as homeowners are creating spaces filled with nostalgic heirlooms and antiques. The desire for sustainable products is also rising, so homeowners and designers are turning to existing items like grandma’s china, colorful wall art, and knickknacks at antique stores and flea markets. Expect to see colorful trends on furniture, walls, and kitchen back splashes as well. 

Outdoor Rooms

screen porch for Colby Blog Custom Home Building Trends

Decks and patios continue to become a greater part of the home as the space is transformed into functional outdoor living spaces. It’s an easy way to enjoy more livable square footage in your home without actually adding any rooms. Custom lake homes in particular make outdoor spaces a must. From multiple seating arrangements to cooking and dining areas, this space easily becomes one of the most used rooms in the home when the weather is warm. Establish flow between indoor and outdoor areas by installing movable doors or walls and uniting the spaces with the same flooring and cohesive furniture. 

The design trends for 2022 are bringing color, comfort, and sustainability to the forefront of every custom home. Contact the experts at Colby Construction when you are ready to make these trends part of your new dream home.