The structural plans have been drawn, and you are ready to begin construction. The time has come to begin your selections and picking out the pieces that once put together will become your new dream home. When making these decisions, you should know what the current design trends are now, what trends are about to be in the past and how to make your selections so your home stays timeless.

Custom Home Design Trends for 2018 and Beyond

White’s Out? Color’s In?

For the past decade, white-on-white design has been leading the way. But that look is beginning to shift, and a new look is beginning to take hold. In particular, the all-white kitchen is being replaced with some element of color being brought in to make a splash. The new kitchen integrates light wood or painted cabinets to add more personality. These options add this personality and soften the all white kitchen.

Finishing Touches

Another trend in kitchen and bathroom fixtures that is here to stay for some time is unlacquered and unpolished brass. Cooper and rose gold have been big for the past few years, but now they are on their way out and the unlacquered brass is moving in.

Hardware throughout the house also is seeing a new popular increase in matte black finishes. Matte black gives a statement-making look that complements many colors and materials. This can be used on hardware and light fixtures as well.

Bring the Outdoors In

When it comes to adding touches of nature in your home, this is a trend that is continuing to grow. An organic look in the home is created through the use of wood, stone and even bamboo. The use of these organic materials brings the serenity and calm of the outdoors into your custom home. Fireplaces with smooth river rock stone and real wood for a kitchen island are a couple of ways to bring nature inside.

Let the Sunshine In

Sunrooms went out with the 90’s, but they are now making a big comeback. The modern day sunroom is used to let the sunshine in and create a space for family game night, entertaining guests, or even an indoor greenhouse. Modern designs invite the outside in and the inside out, with large floor-to-ceiling windows.

Less is More

Large rooms with heavy furniture is out, as clean lines with a minimalist feel allows for more opportunity of calm and order. Master bedrooms can incorporate wall-mounted lamps, sleek, low platform beds, closets that incorporate drawer space versus heavy, bulky dressers. Bathrooms now feature floating vanities, presenting a clean, visually simplified space. Another minimalist trend in bathrooms is using one material throughout the room; this was popular in the late 70’s and early 80’s and is now back and better then before. When done right, it turns the space into a sleek and uniform space. The same material is used for the floor, walls and even the ceiling. Clean and simple, the use of one material creates a calm space.









The most important thing to remember when you are designing your custom home is creating a space that you love and will love for years to come. Trends come and go. Selecting materials, and designs that work best for your family is the most important selection you can make. Colby Construction builds timeless, classic homes, adding your personality, trends and style into the space you will call home.