The owners of Lakeview Home have built with Colby Construction not once but twice. Their experience with Colby Construction was so positive that when they decided it was time to downsize, it was easy to hire them again.

“We had already built two homes (neither custom nor by Colby) when we started looking for a property on the water in Lake Country,” the homeowner shared.

They owned the property for four years before deciding to tear down the existing home and build a new one. Because of the property’s unique characteristics, a custom home was necessary. With both homes, the owners purchased the property before selecting the builder.

“We had the location. We just needed the dream home:” the owners explained.

The customers knew Pete Feichtmeier, owner of Colby Construction and of the company from friends who had built a custom home with Colby.

“We knew that in addition to a quality and reputable builder, we needed a company familiar and experienced with the intricacies of shoreland regulations and permitting. Pete initially met with us to to walk the property and hear our home design goals.”

From there, the process began, with additional meetings during which the couple learned the process, timing, and cost of building a custom home.

They decided on Brian Thom from ADS as the architect for both projects. Colby recommended two different architects, and the couple interviewed both.

“We ultimately decided on Brian because we felt confident he could design a house to meet our goals and be sure it “fit” on our unique property.”

Once the architect and design were finalized, Colby took the couple through the design process and ensured them that not only would their vision come to fruition on paper, but that the project would be completed within their budget.

The two homes the owners built with Colby are very different. They built their first home when they had children living in a large, multi-level house. It was East Coast Shaker style with plenty of room for the family and entertaining. The second home, a ranch, was built after the couple entered their empty-nester phase of life. It has an open floor plan with a classic cottage feel. The home features room for expansion if they would like to do that someday. Both of these homes were completely custom-designed.

“We designed both trying to think of everything in advance and limit changes on the fly.” they shared. “Due to a more limited design time on the second build, we did make more changes during the construction process, which Colby coordinated with ease.”

The couple was impressed with the communication they had with Colby throughout both experiences.

“Our questions, via text, cell or email were always answered in a timely and professional manner. During our second build, we utilized Colby’s online client portal to keep up to date on schedules, selections, and costs, which was awesome.”

When building a custom home, the process is expected to be smooth and timely. Colby delivered both homes for this couple in approximately one year, the timeline they were given at the beginning of the projects. Colby works with its customers to ensure they understand the timing of the process, from the plumbing fixtures to the small details like paint color.

For this couple, quality and attention to detail during construction was an important consideration when choosing a custom builder. “This is precisely the reason why we chose to build another home with Colby. The quality of the work is top-notch and we never had to worry about shortcuts or shoddy workmanship,” they explained.

The owners felt that the build process was rewarding because they could witness firsthand how their dreams and ideas materialized from the architectural drawings and inspirational photos into an actual house.

“The result of having a home built to match your lifestyle is beyond comparison,” they said.

The couple has also been very satisfied with Colby’s follow-up once the home was completed. They worked diligently to complete the punch list and had everything completed in a timely manner. They don’t hesitate to reach out to Colby anytime they have home-related questions, either.

The owners have had a few years to settle into their newest home. They have no regrets about the decision to build again as they are thrilled with how the home turned out.

“(It’s) exactly as we envisioned as we move into the new phase of empty nesters.”

They shared that if they were to give advice to others who are considering building a custom home: “Choose a reputable, local builder with lots of experience – they can help guide you through the process so that there are limited surprises during construction or after completion of your project.”

The details of the finish carpentary in the home make it feel personal and unique. It is what makes it truly special. The homeowners summarized their experience building twice with Colby Construction.

“When we think of our two builds with Colby, these are some of the words that come to mind: transparent, organized, timely, quality, and professional. Based on our experiences, we would, (and have several times), highly recommend Colby Construction to anyone considering a custom home build.”