Keep Your Custom Home Damage-Free

December is here, and holiday decorating is in season. How do you do decorate your custom home to look festive with causing damage to it, both inside and out? We love lights and trees, stockings and wreaths, but how do you avoid damaging your mantle, siding and banisters when creating your holiday look? Here are some tips to help.

Keep Your Custom Home Damage-Free…


  • When hanging wreaths and lights on your home, look for hooks that clip under the siding.
  • Use heavy-duty suction cup hooks on windows to hang wreaths.
  • Use lightweight wire around your front porch lights for swags of greens and wreaths.
  • Fill your front porch pots with greens and lights for decorating instead of hanging things from the house.
  • Luminaries outlining a pathway or porch make for a perfect path through a winter wonderland.

Keep Your Custom Home Damage-Free


  • Command strips and hooks! They come in every size and shape. They also come with hooks to put on the underside of banisters for garland and lights. They are clear and can be left up from year to year or taken down. Best of all – they will not cause damage.
  • Decorative ribbon and twine work wonderfully for hanging things as well. If you do not want the line to show, use fishing line. Use this with the command strip and then you can hang ornaments from mantels and windows without causing any damage to the woodwork.
  • Hang light-weight garland from light fixtures with thin wire or fish line.


You want to keep your custom home in perfect condition but want to decorate without damage. It can be done; you just have to get creative and keep the hammer and nails out of your holiday decorations. And remember, sometimes less is more. Happy holiday decorating!

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