Typically, the spring months do not inspire the same decorating frenzy as the weeks or months leading up to Christmas, as the holidays that are celebrated neither warrant extensive decorations nor are associated with endless parties and gifting. Shamrocks and painted eggs seem to have a limited time frame for use as decoration, as they reflect one day and not the season in general. However, there are ways to “decorate” for spring, tying in all the holidays of the season and providing color and an atmospheric theme of “rebirth” and regeneration, in anticipation of the blooms to come.

Southeastern Wisconsin can often fall a bit behind the bloom schedule due to several false starts to the spring melt and extreme temperature swings. This year is no exception, as many homeowners are hesitant to plant or fill decorative pots around the home for fear of a damaging frost. This is where “spring decorations” can fill the gap, prior to the trees filling in and the flowers blooming throughout the property. There are many tasteful decorating ideas to enhance the exterior of your luxury custom home before nature fills in with its bounty, many of which may provide a seamless transition.

As flowers are a central theme of Springtime, a great place to start is with dried flowers or hearty foliage that can withstand a frost. For areas that would be exposed to the elements, large ceramic jugs or planters could be filled with green foliage and accented with cattails or other natural reeds. Also consider adding some plastic tulips or grape hyacinth (there are some really high-quality realistic looking fake flowers) for pops of color. In covered exterior areas offering some protection from the elements, dried lavender, hydrangeas and other flowers can be incorporated into wreaths and decorative containers, or bouquets of silk roses wrapped in burlap, accented by lanterns and other décor. Of course, delicately painted eggs hanging from twigs, trees or nestled in a twig and moss nest are lovely accents as well.

One of the easiest ways to create mood, add atmosphere and a sense of joy or celebration to an area is with lighting. Candles or string lighting each have their own special charm and benefits, depending on the space in which they are incorporated. Glass lanterns with pillar candles create an ambient setting without being lit and may even include moss or greenery inside. Strings of lights may adorn trees, trellises, potted plants and covered porches, and today the variety offered through home and outdoor catalogs provide endless options to creative uses.

Don’t wait for spring blooms to add an infusion of life to your luxurious custom home. Celebrate the season of re-birth and new beginnings by adding some creative decorations that will complement the blasts of color as they arrive. The following link should provide some inspiration: