From open floor plans to painted ceilings, the decorating trends for custom homes in 2015 use the space and design of the home to create a sanctuary for the owner. If you’re considering a custom built home of your dreams, check out these decorating trends below. Which of these trends can you use in your own custom home?

Decorating Trends for Custom Homes

Beach Drive Custom HomeInterior Style

Metals, textures, shades of indigos and blues, printed patterns and smoked glass are all on the top trends for the year. Wallpaper trends even include the ceiling.







Hidden Treasure Custom HomeMirrored Furniture:

A touch of glamor can easily be added to any room in the house with mirrored furniture. From dressers to cabinets to sofa tables, this is a beautiful trend that is affordable and tasteful.







Hidden Treasure Custom HomeTechnology Meets Art

The use of flat screen televisions with USB ports allows the TVs in today’s custom homes to have the ability to look like a work of art hanging on wall instead of a television. Upload your favorite works of art on the USB and allow it to display.

That painting hanging above the mantle in the photo to the right? It’s actually the living room TV.




Wallpaper & Colors

Covered walls will be back again and bright colors too. The trend for 2015 will even include wallpaper on ceilings or painted ceilings. Pops of blue and indigo are the stable color in accents this year.


Hidden Treasure Custom HomeSophisticated Look

Decorators are moving to a more modern and sophisticated look for interior of the home. Gold fixtures are beginning to make the return, and even a rich, modern feel will be seen. There will be less matching and more trends towards using different styles and pieces of furniture and textures.



When you build a custom home with Colby Construction, you will work with our designer to help you add the right trends into your new luxury home to make it just right for you! Check out more examples of Colby Construction’s custom homes at our Pinterest page and on our Houzz boards, here.