Decorating for the holidays in your custom home means making your space feel welcoming, warm and festive. More than a tree with some ornaments on it, todays holiday decorating means bringing joy throughout the entire house. So thoroughly deck it out with Christmas cheer, inside and out but make it enjoyable and engage the entire family.

Following is a guide to making your decorating as easy and stress free as possible.

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Plan ahead.

You can’t do everything or in one day, so make a plan that is realistic with your life. The goal is to enjoy it. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or not prepared, it will be hard to enjoy the holiday season.

Involve the whole family.

Don’t take on the holiday decorating duties all by your self. It’s all about making memories and the more involved everyone is the more memorable and joyous this time will be. Let the kids decorate their rooms, small trees for a night stand or dresser are great way to let them be creative. Have the entire family help with outdoor decorations on the porch and more.

Plan for the unexpected.

If you have a lot of people coming in and out for your home for the holidays, fill a large bowl or decorative box with simple, inexpensive, individually wrapped gifts. Give yourself a dollar amount limit for each gift and go to town. Your unexpected party guest will be thrilled to receive a unique gift from you.

Keep extra simple treats on hand for drop in visitors, chilled wine, homemade cordials, cookies and cheese and crackers will be easy to put out at any time.

Don’t stop at the entry.

Take your holiday decor throughout the entire home. Simple small touches in other rooms of your home make a huge difference in the way the whole house feels, especially when you’re entertaining.

Dim the lights & Let the TV and fixtures add joy

Dimming the lights throughout the house brings instant ambiance to any room. Want the feel of a cozy fire without starting a fire? Fireplaces offer an easy way to get cozy during the holiday season, so simply turn a fireplace on the Yule log channel on the TV.

Decorate your light fixtures by draping garlands over them. This surprising touch is sure to turn heads. Just be sure to exercise caution—don’t put anything flammable next to anything hot.

Cookies are essential.

Don’t forget the cookies to get everyone in the holiday spirit.

The holidays are all about the treats. Even is you can’t bake, slice up pre-made cookie dough and stick it in the oven. The smell of cookies baking is enough to put the anyone in the holiday mood.

Get wrapping.

Create a wrapping station and wrap early and often. This will make the job less overwhelming and easier as you go. Make it interesting with a unique ribbon, topper or accent. Have a color theme or coordinating wrap to make the display under the tree beautiful.

It doesn’t have to be expensive.

Inexpensive ornaments from a discount store can look elegant and festive when grouped together. For instance, decorate a mantel with various sizes of clear or colored glass containers filled with similar colored glass ornaments for a stunning holiday display.

Less really is more.

The holidays can be about extravagance, but if you overwhelm your home with too much decor it can compete for attention and distract you from some really beautiful and special pieces.

The Scent of the Season

Without a doubt, some of the best parts of the holidays are the lovely smells they’re known for. So don’t just think about what your home looks like—think about what it smells like, too. So stock up on festive candles, use an essential oil diffuser, or keep a pot of hot cider going on your stove at all times.

Remember the joy of season.

Remind yourself that this time of year is really about gathering with people you love, having a great time together and counting our blessings. Take a deep breath and enjoy.