Eaves and gutters can be likened to eyebrows or picture frames; when they are well done, they do nothing more than accent and frame the “canvas,” face, or home they are on. They complete the picture without competing for a starring role, and generally are not singled out or noticed on their own, nor should they be. Yet just because they are not in the starring role, doesn’t mean that they should be an afterthought, either. The frame completes the picture and helps define the personality. A great deal of passion and time is invested in the creation of your luxury dream home, revealing a distinct persona influenced by the owner and its environment.

Both eaves and gutters have an important job to do, serving to protect a home or building from the potentially damaging effects of rain on the structure. Eaves are the edge of the roof, overhanging the walls of a building, functioning to throw rain water clear of the walls. They also prevent water from penetrating the vulnerable junction of where the roof meets the wall. A rain gutter, also known as an eaves trough, is the part of the roofing system responsible for catching and diverting rainwater away from the roofs edge. Its function is to protect a building’s foundation, reduce erosion, help prevent leaks in basements, protect painted surfaces from excess exposure to water and also provide a means to collect rainwater for future use.


The photo above is a fantastic example of eaves and gutters providing the perfect complimentary frame to the clean, contemporary style of this home. The lines are uninterrupted by the roof’s edge; the eaves are merely an extension of the architectural design of this custom-built lake home and the gutters are nearly invisible. Having anything more ornate or decorative for the eaves and gutters would compromise the harmonic simplicity of this design and create a confusing persona. However, eaves are a simple and creative way to add a punctuation mark to an otherwise simple or traditional building style, providing a splash of color, curve or design element. For a simple home update or remodel, a custom-home builder can help transform the exterior, adding detail and character by enhancing the eaves with gabled, corbel, gingerbread or other decorative brackets.

Check out Colby Construction’s Pinterest board on “home exterior decorative”for a variety of eaves design examples, ranging from simple and understated to ornate, and consider how they affect the homes’ personality.

Depending on the design goals and persona desired for a luxury custom home, eaves and gutters may disappear seamlessly into the design of the home, add a decorative element to an otherwise clean and simple design, or be an extension of a more elaborate and ornate architectural style. While originally conceived of to provide an important practical function, they provide a tremendous opportunity for subtle creativity, through lines, form, materials and color. And in order for them to do their job effectively, gutters should be properly maintained; ‘tis the season to get out a ladder and clean leaves and debris from your gutters.