While there will still be warm days ahead of us in Southeastern Wisconsin, you will feel the air getting cooler as the days of August are numbered. So when do you start the fall transition in your custom home? When do you start transforming your custom-built home from summer decor to fall? Late August is a perfect time: kids are heading back to school, and summer activities have wrapped up, so it’s time to bring warmth and fall vibes into your home.

Fall Transition in Your Custom Home

When you begin to make this transition, slowly start to remove anything overtly summery. This includes light and airy fabrics, summery florals, and “beachy” accessories. Summer is all about breezy, light, and airy colors. Fall is all about the warm and comforting.

If you still want to keep it neutral, try swapping out some of your brighter, cooler tones, like whites, for creamy, warm neutrals and beiges. You can also add in some browns and taupes. This will add a bit of comfort and warmth and give your home more of a fall feel.

picture of a living room with wood detail

You can start to add a little more texture to your home as fall approaches. While smooth and “colder” surfaces are refreshing in the summer, they feel a little unwelcoming in the fall. So when transitioning from summer to fall, adding some textures can help you get that cozier vibe easily. A simple way to add texture and warmer tones is to change out your throw pillows. When you’re ready to start decorating for fall, swap out your everyday pillow covers for warm and cozy fabrics like velvet or knit, particularly in the bedrooms. It’s such an easy thing to do, and it’s amazing the difference such a small change, like different pillows, can make.

Play with patterns like plaid, floral, ticking stripe, or buffalo check, and use inspiration from nature to bring a pop of color to your decor.

Another easy addition of texture and color and a touch of fall decor into our home is with warm, cozy throw blankets.

picture of a rustic bedroom

Chunky knit fabrics are great choices, but neutral fall plaids are also cozy. Find different ways to display them, in baskets and across chairs.

Bringing elements of the outdoors in is a budget-friendly way to prep your home for the arrival of autumn. Add faux leaves or other fall stems to a woven basket, jug, or vintage bowl.

Acorns and pinecones also make great fall fillers to display in your dining room or on a console table. Swapping out your wreaths is another quick and simple way to transition your home from summer to fall decor.

picture of a large gray home with a curved driveway

Seasonal fall artwork can quickly help transform any room in your room. Etsy is a great place to look for inexpensive downloadable fall artwork. For a cozy fall feel, decorate with decor that has warm tones, like brass candlesticks, amber bottles, and wood bowls.

While August certainly feels too early for pumpkins and mums, these simple transitions are a perfect way to start preparing to let the summer sunset and the fall slowly settle in.