Building a custom home is exciting and can be a fantastic time. It can also be frustrating, intense and exhausting. Having the right team to help you with the journey from the beginning can make all the difference in the experience. From determining the custom home design to decorating your dream home, today the internet is the number one source for home improvement professionals and home designers and design enthusiasts.

Colby Construction can help you design and build any type of home dream home you desire. The possibilities are endless, so how do you begin? The variety of architectural styles and floor design can make it difficult to begin. Following are a few steps to help you to narrow down the options as you begin your custom home project.

What’s Your (and your family’s) Style?

The style of the exterior will be the influence of the interior, so this should guide you as you move forward into the look and feel of your home. Start by researching the styles of homes you are drawn to and, as you find exteriors you like, you will begin to narrow in on the interior plan as well. There are great websites to help you sort through the different looks, like Houzz and Pinterest. Once you have decided on look, your next step will be to work with an architect to make it individualized for you.

Look Online for Custom Floor Plan Ideas

Your custom home should be unique and reflect the personality of your family. The home should be functional with the lifestyle that you live. There are many online floor plans you can look at before meeting with our architect so that you can better define what you like. Sites for looking at floor plan ideas include,,

Again, the popular social sharing site, Pinterest, features floor plan and design ideas. Create your own picture board of possibilities to share with your architect and the interior design team. The gallery on the Colby Construction website offers many homes to look at for ideas as well.

Next Steps

Once you’ve determined your exterior style and interior floor plan, the fun will begin! At this point you begin the real work of bringing your dream home to life, working with your builder and designer. Tweaks in the plan and changes are likely as you make decisions on the kitchen layout, bathroom layout, staircases and more. The goal during this stage is to be sure the flow of your home is perfectly functional for your family. Your custom home should be everything you envision it to be and more.

Once the layout and the floor plan is finalized, the details of the design will begin. This can be overwhelming and, once again, visiting websites like Houzz and Pinterest will help you come up with your distinct design ideas. You can create your own pages in Pinterest to share with your home designer. Seemingly small decisions will really make a statement in your home: what style of faucets in the bathrooms? What brand and style of appliances in the kitchen? These will make a big impact on the look and feel of your home.


Ready to Begin?

Colby Construction has been building custom homes since 1981. Our timeless, classic homes are built with the best craftsmanship and quality materials. Contact us when you are ready to begin your dream home.