“Where we love is home, home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we typically seize the yearly opportunity to contemplate our love and appreciation for family and friends through gifts and celebration. It is also a perfect time to contemplate the love we have for the home we have created. Your home should be a sanctuary, filled with loving touches and spaces created to share with family and friends, holding special memories created and those yet to unfold.

A custom home provides the opportunity to create meaning and sacred spaces. Certain rooms are meant to be shared, for entertaining and less intimate occasions, while others should be distinctly private and personal. Your entire home may exude the warmth and love of family, and the following features we love in a custom home add joy to everyday living.

 A Custom Home Built with Love


A Custom Kitchen:

Having a special space to cook with your spouse, your children and your friends adds heart to a house. Food and love are linked; preparing food together is intimate, an expression of caring, and an appropriate celebration of Valentine’s Day. Having a gathering of loved ones that contribute to the meal, sharing favorite recipes and celebrating togetherness emphasizes the heart of your home.


The Dining Room:

Set the table with your favorite dishes, china, pottery, whatever you love! Add candles and flowers, hearts and love notes for all your guests. Your dining room says romance with the right lighting and ambiance. Don’t forget that special bottle of wine that you brought up from your home wine cellar.


The Master Suite:

More so than any room in the house, the Master suite should be treated as a sacred space. It should provide refuge, encourage relaxation and reflection, and be the most pleasurable room of solace. The master domain should be thoughtfully and carefully planned out to meet not just basic needs, but innermost desires of the inhabitant(s) of this sanctuary. Today there are endless ideas to make this room your personal shelter. Fireplaces with remote controls, wine bars, sitting areas, private patios… the ideas are endless to create a custom space you love and want to escape to everyday.

Along with the master bedroom, the master bathroom is just as important. Luxurious showers and steam showers, soaking tubs, instant hot water, his and her vanities and wet closets are all part of the options for a spa-like setting in your own home.


Saunas and Hot Tubs:

Of course when your custom home is on a lake, the addition of a hot tub and sauna are a must and a luxury that you will love year-round. The hustle of everyday lives often leave these little luxuries under-utilized; Valentine’s Day is a perfect day to rediscover the magic that was created! Indoor saunas from lower level walkouts make a perfect way to end a cold winter day, as well as a swim on a cool summer night. Hot tubs soothe body and soul, which can be a solitary luxury, an intimate affair, or a gathering spot for friends.

Happy Valentine’s Day from everyone at Colby Construction. If you are ready to fall in love (with your home!), or create a new custom home that you love, contact us.


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