The unpredictable spring weather in southeastern Wisconsin has us all longing for spring and blooming flowers and plants. April showers bring May flowers, and now is the time to add more color to your gardens. When building a custom lake home, care and consideration also needs to be taken for the landscape plan and flowers and plantings that enhance the beauty of your home.  

Living in Waukesha County, different things to consider include the following: 

• Sun exposure

• Hours of light

• Type of soil

• Winter hardiness

• Moisture availability

The landscape plan needs to be carefully thought out with a landscape designer, and your custom home builder will work with them so that the exterior of your home matches the beauty and uniqueness of the interior. 

Now let’s look at some the best variety of perennials to consider in Waukesha County. 

Cone Flowers:

Midwest native, these hardy perennials bloom throughout the summer and range in size from 16 inches to 4 feet. They come in beautiful, traditional colors like pink, purple, and white. 

Lenten Rose:

A very hardy evergreen that can bloom when there is even still snow on the ground, the Lenten rose comes in a variety of shades. You will be rewarded with blooms (and the hope of spring) as early as March when you plant this variety. 


A members of the onion family, alliums (which include chives) are easy to grow from hardy bulbs. Purple allium has a unique pom-pom shape and leafless stem. The variety does well in partial shade, and they partner very well with the any variety of hostas. 


This is a perennial that has the tolerance of a true Wisconsinite! Hydrangeas can grow to be 6 to 8 feet tall and wide, and there are so many color and shape options – making this timeless plant a must at your custom lake home. 

Autumn Joy Sedum: 

Sedums are easy to grow, need very little water, and are so rich in texture and shape. With its masses of flowers and light gray-green foliage, “Autumn Joy” is a favorite in the Midwest and southeastern Wisconsin. In midsummer, it produces green buds, which open into large pink flower that deepens to rusty red by fall. Other sedums include “Purple Emperor”, “Vera Jameson” and “Meteor”. 


Daylilies may be the most carefree of all flowering perennials. The plants grow quickly and are long lasting. They thrive in almost any type of soil, will grow in sun or shade, and are rarely troubled by insect pests or disease. Daylilies are known for their toughness, but they also have a brilliant, big, colorful flower. Blooming starts in midsummer and continues into early fall, with new blossoms opening each day. 

There are many varieties of flowers that will bring color and beauty to your lake home all spring, summer and fall. Your builder and landscaper can help you with the process to make your home pop with color.  

Colby Construction, Delafield Lake Home Builders