Never has there been a time when we have been more anxious and excited to get outdoors and enjoy our custom home. When you live in Southeastern Wisconsin, you want to be able to enjoy every moment outdoors you possibly can and to extend the seasons to utilize the outdoor areas as far into every season as possible. Outdoor living space is a luxury and adds character and unique charm to your custom lake home.

After several months of stay at home orders, we are happy to be outdoors and enjoying social distancing with family and friends!

Getting Outdoors in Your Custom Home - Patio with 2 red chairs

When designing your custom home, the living area that is outside of your home is just as important as the area inside the home. Whether it is a deck, patio, porch, terrace, transitional area or an outdoor kitchen, your outdoor living space should be custom designed and as luxurious as your home.

Some things to consider when planning your outdoor space: what seasons do you want to be able to use the area? Will it have a heat source (fireplace)? Will it contain an outdoor kitchen? Will it be covered? And if so, will the covering be able to withstand inclement weather?

Breaking this down further, what are the differences and options when creating outdoor living space in your custom home?


A deck is typically is raised from the ground with flooring made of wood or composite decking off the backside of a home and not covered. Decks are very popular and typically accessible through a glass door from the home. Decks are often a perfect solution around a swimming pool or hot tub.


Patios and Porches

Patios and porches are similar to a deck, but at the ground level created from brick, cement or stone. They can also be screened, making a perfect place for dining, relaxing and gathering. Patios, like decks, also make a perfect area around a swimming pool or hot tub.

Outdoor Kitchen

For those more enthusiastic about their outdoor space, a kitchen or living area with a fireplace can become a big part of the home and can extend the outdoor season longer. These spaces have full ceilings and often include ceiling fans, televisions, refrigeration and more.


Transitional Space

A transitional space allows to extend the season even further by combining indoors and outdoors with large sliding doors or walls or even garage doors, which allows you to completely open up the house to the outdoors.

When considering your outdoor living area, you have to consider how you will use the space and what seasons you would like to use the space and then work within your budget to create an area that fits best with you and your family. The ideas and possibilities when designing your outdoor space are as endless as your interior. Create with your own habits and lifestyle in mind.

For ideas and examples, see our ideas and Colby Construction’s own work at our Pinterest board, and Houzz.