In the season of gratitude, one of the places we should take a moment to reflect on and give thanks for is our home. A home is much more than the walls and roof; it is the space that brings family and friends together and where memories are made. There are features in a custom home that create the opportunity for gathering. As we approach Thanksgiving, here are the areas of a home to be most grateful for. 

The Front Door and Entryway

The front door invites your people to come into your home: children, grandchildren, parents, and friends. When entering through the front door and into the entryway, you welcome loved ones into your special sanctuary, and you also invite them to feel at home. 

 The Family Room

Gather together and relax, whether it’s watching the big game, reading books, quiet conversation or family game night, the family room is a welcoming room that brings everyone together. There is so much to be grateful for in this space. A cozy fireplace, large windows that allow spectacular views of the lake or yard, built in bookshelves to hold treasures and favorite authors and comfortable furniture to sit and rest on. Family rooms are warm and inviting and are also a place to display family photos and share your lifestyle and personality. 

 The Gourmet Kitchen

People love to congregate in the kitchen, and, when your home features a custom gourmet kitchen, it truly becomes the heart of the home. The kitchen centers around a place to prepare food, and food nurtures and body and soul, but the kitchen is also the place that so many memories and cherished moments happen in the lifetime of living in your home – baking cookies with your children, sipping wine with your spouse as you prepare dinner, after-school snacks and homework at the island. There is no question why the kitchen needs to be so well thought-out and filled with upgrades that make life easy for busy families.  


From the master bedroom to the children’s and guest rooms, bedrooms are the inviting space for individuals to create as a place of their own. The master bedroom is a place for a busy couple to escape and unwind and reconnect. Today’s master bedrooms feature coffee and wine bars and sitting areas with fireplaces for relaxing. Children’s rooms can be designed to grow with them through their teen years. Built-in beds with space for sleepovers and with built-in desks for studying and homework are some of the features that can create a place for your kids to call their own. Guest rooms invite extended family and friends to have a comfortable area to relax and unwind when they are visiting. 


While we are grateful to our custom home for what it gives us, we can also show our home we are thankful by giving back to it. At Thanksgiving and all year long, there are ways we can shower our home with love and thanks. Here are some simple things you can do to give your home thanks this season: 

  • Adorn your home with fresh flowers and candles. The fragrance of fresh flowers and deliciously scented candles will make your home feel loved.
  • Place a guestbook in your entryway so guests can jot down a note and you can reflect on memories of wonderful times spent with them in your home.
  • Keep a family list on a chalkboard or whiteboard of all the things you’re thankful for. The list can change weekly or monthly. It’s a wonderful way to keep and remember all the blessings in your life. 
  • Keep your home clean and organized. A clean home is more inviting, relaxing, and loved. Organizing and cleaning the home can be part of your family’s routine to spend time together. 
  • Stay in! Spend time in the custom home you put so much time and thought in. Cook together, laugh together, play games together, watch movies!

Be thankful this week and all year round for your blessings and the beautiful home you have.