Living Room

Living Room

When a family with three small boys decided to build their dream year-round custom lake home, they had some very specific ideas in mind. They wanted a home that would grow with their young family and a home that they would utilize every part of. The Stevens Road custom lake home suited their needs perfectly. For example, what was the playroom when they built the home in 2009 is now a music room for the teen boys who all play instruments. Ideas like this made it easy for them to select Colby Construction as their custom lake home builder.

The Stevens Road Custom Lake Home

The family found a tear down home on a lake in their community. They promptly fell in love with the location. The lake home’s lot came with specific challenges inherent in the property, requiring an extraordinary architect with a vision for the elite custom lake home to match. Fortunately for Stevens Road, developing a creative design for the land was no problem for the talented architect orchestrating the scheme for the home.

The challenge with the lot for the Stevens Road home was the placement of the lot in relation to the water line of the lake. The owners wanted their home to be first and foremost a lake home, so Stevens Road was designed with a lake view in mind.

You’ll notice many creative aspects of the Stevens Road beyond the layout of the land, from the walk-up coffee bar (a personal request from the owner) to an interior staircase, which shares its fieldstone veneer with the stone wall of the fireplace.

Sometimes, challenges with the land makes for opportunities of master craftsmanship. With the inventive designs of the architect as the guide, Milwaukee’s elite custom home builder constructed the 2009 Stevens Road home with a spectacular lake view as the central focus.

The home continues to be a perfect space for three teenagers, just as it was for three young boys when originally built. As the years pass, Colby Construction continues to provide updates and modifications to the home whenever the family requests it. Working with Colby Construction means your custom lake home is in good hands from start to finish…and beyond.