Happy December! The Countdown to Christmas… 25 Holiday Ideas to Enjoy Celebrating the Holiday in Your Luxury Custom Built Home

The countdown to Christmas is upon us, with Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday all in the past. Many of us make that New Year’s promise to try to slow down and enjoy the holiday more the following year, to make the most of the magic, yet somehow fall into similar patterns that end up provoking anxiety instead. With all the love and care that has gone into your luxury custom home, the holidays are actually the best time to pause, reflect, and truly enjoy the meaning of home with cherished family and friends.

Rather than rushing to decorate and perfect, consider doing just a few each day, leading up to Christmas, to savor the sights, sounds and flavors of this magical holiday. In honor of the 25 days leading to Christmas, we offer a few suggestions:

  1. Send a Christmas card – whether a simple or extended list, send the message that is important to you.
  2. Hang an advent calendar with treats to open for each of the days counting down to Christmas.
  3. Hang up the exterior lights – adorn the landscaping or favorite tree with some festive lights to greet you when you arrive home. The beauty of exterior lighting is that they are appropriate and welcome beyond the Christmas season during Wisconsin winters.
  4. Scented Candles – start the evergreen and cinnamon candle scents throughout the kitchen and main living spaces.
  5. Select your Christmas tree – whether you go to a farm to cut your own or visit your favorite vendor, bring it home and place it.
  6. Adorn your home’s entrance – wreaths, lights and evergreen trims are a welcoming entrance to your custom built home.
  7. Start the music – pipe in a variety of Holiday music as background mood enhancers throughout your home.
  8. Bring out the family’s history – have your family help select and place favorite Christmas items throughout the home.
  9. Decorate the hearths, to frame the warmth of the fire burning.
  10. Light the fires to enjoy your hearth and entice family gatherings; use scented and colored enhancements to create more magic.
  11. Bake Christmas treats! Enjoy your custom kitchen with a holiday baking day, treating friends and neighbors.
  12. Hang Christmas cards – select an area of your home to creatively hang and display the creative seasonal cards received loved ones.
  13. Start your own tradition, be it a certain craft, game, meal or gathering, to have a lasting impression of your family and home you share.
  14. Enjoy your custom home entertainment system while introducing your family to classic holiday movies.
  15. Enjoy the sights – make an outing to admire the beauty of the lights and decorations of your neighbors.
  16. Make a Christmas decoration together, such as a wreath, tree garland or ornament, something to display in years to come.
  17. Add decorations to bedrooms, even simple lights around doors or windows, delighting family members and guests of all ages.
  18. Make wrapping presents a reflection of careful thought – give each present the special touch to know it was chosen with love.
  19. Trim the tree together, with all family members hanging their favorite ornaments.
  20. Sing! Whether it be at a gathering or with your family at home, revisit those traditional, inspiring, Christmas carols.
  21. Charity – celebrate the season by engaging the family in a meaningful project that helps those less fortunate celebrate as well.
  22. Photograph the moment – have a professional or friend memorialize your family’s holiday together.
  23. Hang the stockings on Christmas Eve.
  24. Carefully lay out the treats for Santa and the reindeer.
  25. Savor and Celebrate Christmas into the New Year.

The holiday season is the best time to celebrate the gift of family and friends. Why not keep it simple and joyous to remind us of what is truly important?