Purchasing and renovating a historical lake home can be a dream come true for anyone longing to preserve the character and integrity of the space. The Colby Construction team is experienced with working through the architectural review and historic preservation process to ensure a successful renovation and fulfillment of that dream.

Historic homes have the natural wear and tear of a long, lived-in life. However, things can deteriorate, damaging the structural integrity of the home’s ceilings, walls, floors and foundations. System updates like electrical, wiring, plumbing and lighting are needed, as are upgrades in the insulation, heating/cooling systems, windows and doors.

Homeowners seeking to maintain the home’s integrity, yet modernize it, takes a special balance and a qualified custom homebuilder to reach these goals.

Renovating a Historical Lake Home

Commonly, historic renovations fall into three categories 1) additions, 2) modernizing systems, and 3) fixing a bad remodel. In the Lake Country community of southeastern Wisconsin, many lake homes were built at the turn of the century and into the 1920s and 1930s. Some of these homes are sprawling estates, while others are small cottages that need more space by today’s standards. Bathroom and kitchen upgrades from previous decades are functionally and aesthetically inadequate and need to be updated.

Many owners are looking for ways to attractively open up a kitchen to a living space and create the lifestyle that a great room provides but still do that within the footprint of the historic home. Some homeowners are looking to keep the era look and feel throughout the home, while others are looking to completely modernize it.

The goal is to maintain the character of the house throughout the property. Highlighting original details like banquettes, entries, crown molding, alcoves, arches, and rounded stairs and pocket doors add to its historic charm.

Staircase at Blackhawk Custom Lake Home

With goals in mind and the details in place, you can renovate a historic home to create both an alluring and practical space that will be enjoyed for the next generation to come.

The goal is all about finding ways to modernize and update systems while maintaining the character, romance and timeless beauty of an old home. If you are able to preserve the craftsmanship, woodwork and unique attributes of the original home, the results can be structurally and esthetically beautiful.

Historic home preservation and restoration requires skilled carpenters, artisan techniques and proper materials.  Colby Construction has had the privilege and honor of preserving many historical lake homes. View these homes in our gallery to see a few of our timeless renovations that will be cherished for years to come. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog on the recent renovation of a turn of the century boathouse!

The White Retreat The Corona Maple Lane Black Hawk Drive