The holiday season is in full swing. What is the best way to enjoy this time, rather than feeling stressed out and overwhelmed? The best advice? Keep it simple! When you live in a beautiful custom home, it doesn’t take much effort to make your home ready to entertain friends and family. From baking delicious cookies and treats to decorating or gathering together for cocktails and appetizers, keep your sanity by following these simple instructions.

Make your home the center and heart of the holiday season with minimal stress and do it while making it look effortless. 

Holiday Entertaining Made Easy in Your Custom Home 

Festive Lights 

It’s easy to use candles to create a holiday mood. We love the flameless candles that add a warm glow without any worries and also last for years. Candles on fireplaces, mantles and tables are simple and elegant. Artificial trees also make for stress-free decorating. 


Fresh or artificial, a little green goes a long way. Swags over windows, or doors, or even a freshly-potted evergreen plant states the holidays are here. 

Well Stocked Kitchen and Bar 

Plan ahead for friends who drop in or the impromptu tea or coffee with friends. Your custom kitchen is equipped with space in your refrigerator. Bake one or many types of Christmas cookies and freeze half so that you are ready throughout the season. Stock your bar with red wine, cordials, sparkling water and cranberry juice. Keep it simple.

Music & Media 

Keep Pandora or iTunes playing Christmas classics throughout your home, as it keeps the mood merry and bright! Pull out your favorite Christmas classics to watch in your family room. 

Keep the Embers Burning 

Nothing makes it feel like Christmas more than a fire in the fireplace. The dancing flames and the crackle of the logs create warmth and nostalgia.

Your home is your sanctuary, and at Christmas, more than any other time of the year, you should enjoy it. Welcome the season, welcome your guests, but keep your stress to a minimum. Less is often more, so remember to enjoy the season and not go overboard trying to do too much. 

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