Behind the Scenes with Colby Construction: An in-home bowling alley

An in-home bowling alley

Did you know that bowling is the #1 participation sport in America? It’s true, and it makes sense when you think about it. Anyone of any age can bowl, from little kids to grandparents. And how many bowling alley birthday parties have your children been invited to in the last couple years? Of course, it’s even easier to participate in the #1 participation sport in America when you have a bowling alley in your own home!

We’re behind the scenes again with Colby Construction this week. We want to show you more than just the finished projects here on the blog, more than the beautifully crafted custom homes. We want to show you what a project site with Colby Construction really looks like. The videos you see in our “Behind the Scenes with Colby Construction” videos won’t be as glamorous as the photography you’re used to seeing, but we think you’ll like seeing a project develop from the very beginning.

We’re touring the same project on Pewaukee Lake again this week. Remember Jim? He’s a project manager for many of the Milwaukee custom homes that you’ve seen (and will see!) here at Right now, he’ll tell you more about the in-home bowling alley that is a part of the custom home project he’s working on. 

Behind the Scenes with Colby Construction: An In-Home Bowling Alley

We’ll continue to go behind the scenes with Colby Construction throughout the coming months. We’ll check back in with Jim at this project on Pewaukee Lake in a couple weeks and see what new developments have occurred since the last time we popped in. Keep coming back, here to the blog, for more videos from behind the scenes with Colby Construction. In the meantime, if you haven’t seen it already, check out our other behind the scenes with Colby Construction tour here.

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