home wine cellars

Wine Cellar at Black Hawk Custom Home

As the days get shorter, the nights grow cooler and the holidays come just around the corner, wine just naturally comes to mind. From a crisp Chardonnay, an easy-sipping Pinot Noir to a bold Cabernet Sauvignon, wine is part of the season. As the popularity of wine and wine collecting continues to increase, the desire and need to store wine properly has also increased. Home wine cellars and wine grottos are becoming more common in luxury custom homes, and they are not just a place to store your wine; they are a room to entertain your friends as well.

Home Wine Cellars

Colby Construction, Milwaukee’s premier custom home builder, has experienced this rise in demand for home wine cellars. Customers have different reasons for wanting a space to store their wine collections. A wine cellar can be constructed to create proper aging and storage conditions, simply serving a functional purpose. If you are looking for your wine cellar to be a more prominent part of your home, you should consider several different options. Some ideal locations for your cellar are:

  • Under the stairwell
  • Part of the kitchen with a prominent display wall
  • In the dining room
  • Integrated into the wet bar
  • In the recreational/entertainment room
home wine cellars

Wine Cellar at Brumder Drive Custom Home

If you do plan a separate space for your home wine cellar, there are things to consider in order to create an inviting place to entertain. Consider:

  • Tasting area – Countertops and tables complete with proper stem wear, carafes and accessories.
  • Grand entrance – Wood, glass or iron doors make a statement.
  • Wine racks – Custom, unique woods.
  • Ladder or stool – These add character and are functional.
  • Beautiful works of art displayed – Paintings, mosaics and sculptures.

Whether you are a serious collector with thousands of bottles of wine or a more casual wine drinker looking to enjoy your favorites and a place to entertain, the home wine cellars are a must in luxury homes. Let Colby Construction help you design and build the perfect space for you.

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