When building or remodeling a home in Wisconsin, particularly on a property that boasts the natural beauty of woodlands or a lake setting, a screened-in porch can be a wonderful addition. Porches are a desirable feature for many custom built homes, and their use is quite varied, whether as a decorative enhancement, entertaining space featuring an outdoor cooking facility, casual relaxing spot or an outdoor sleeping nook. The options for screening today can enhance many different porch settings, allowing for the virtually invisible barrier from outside pests when desired.

Luxury lake homes today offer a great deal of flexibility in opening the home to the outdoors. Working with a custom home builder to create your dream home entails careful consideration of your daily living desires as well as entertaining options. Side porches, front porches and backyard porches leading to patios, gardens or recreation areas all have their specific utility based on the home owner’s ideal. Screening for porch areas enjoyed for extended evening enjoyment can be done in a variety of ways.

Old-fashioned sleeping porches were often a simple affair, as a summer bunkhouse for children. This concept has been modified greatly with luxury home builders today to create an outdoor magical sleeping environment for the family or guests. Rather than simple cots, consider daybeds hung by chains, built-ins or extensive sectionals that can double as loungers. Thoughtful accents extend to lighting, ceiling fans and wispy long draping.

Four season porches that preside over the backyard can be maximized with collapsible doors and retractable screens. Having a porch to enjoy and gather in year round, surrounded by the bounty of the outdoors on all sides, is a treasure even during a blizzard. Yet, during the milder months, enjoying summer breezes, a respite from direct sun or spring showers, having the doors open and the screens down allows communing with nature with the comfort of indoor living. Desired furnishings and decorating styles are not limited to what can withstand the elements.

Whether renovating or building the home of your dreams, your custom home builder can help provide a myriad of porch screening options, whether partial or fully enclosed, to enhance your indoor to outdoor living experience. The magic in a porch is providing the space and opportunity to peacefully contemplate the beauty of your surroundings. Screening options can maximize their use and enjoyment while eliminating the need for chemicals and reducing exterior debris.

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