Stevens Road Custom Home Fireplace

Fireplace at Stevens Road

Keep the Fire Burning: How to Maintain the Fireplace in Your Custom Home

No custom, luxury home is complete with out the warmth and charm of a fireplace (or two or three). Fireplaces create a glow, set a tone, and stir memories and feelings of nostalgia. From charming to majestic, fireplaces come in many shapes and forms and, along with the mantles, are as custom and unique to your individual desires as your home is.

But decorating the mantle of your fireplace is not your greatest concern when it comes to this hearth in your home. You need to understand your fireplace and how to care for it. With the cold Wisconsin months around the corner, we are going to take a look today at what you need to know about your chimney, flue and more. Read on to learn how to maintain the fireplace in your custom home: both the indoor and the outdoor fireplaces.

How to Maintain the Fireplace in Your Custom Home

Inspect Your Fireplace Annually

The National Fire and Prevention Association recommends that you have your chimney, fireplace and vents inspected annually. Colby Care is happy to schedule a certified chimney sweep for you. This inspection is key for preventing fires, inhibiting carbon monoxide exposure and assuring safe and efficient use of your fireplace. It is important to know what type of chimney, flue and liner is in your home.

Master Bedroom in Blackhawk Custom Lake Home

Master Bedroom in Black Hawk Custom Lake Home

Fit A Cap to Your Chimney

While we love to tell our children and grandchildren that Santa comes down the chimney on Christmas Eve, the true reality is that other friends of nature may be sliding down and leaving you with gifts you don’t want. If the top of the chimney does not have a proper screen, this space can become a home to raccoons, birds, squirrels or bats. A cap fitted to your chimney will keep unwelcome guests and debris out.

Check for Decay

Check any tree limbs that are near your chimney and make sure all of your branches are trimmed back. The outside bricks should also be checked for wear, missing mortar and cracks.

 Fireplace at Cindy Lane Custom Home

Cindy Lane Fireplace

Feed Your Fire Properly

Once you are ready to enjoy your beautiful fireplace and sit by the warm glow, be sure feed your fire with wood that is dense. Split oak, maple, ash or birch that has been stored and dried for at least 6 months is recommended. Select a guard (mesh screen or glass doors) to protect your home from embers jumping out.

Now, go on and find your favorite people, a great book, a mug of tea or a glass of wine, and sit back to enjoy the fire-lit ambiance in your custom home.

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