Landscaping a Wisconsin Custom Built HomeYour new custom home has been completed. You are getting settled and love coming through the doors of this sanctuary that you dreamed about and now are enjoying. The views of the lake fill your soul with peace and happiness; this is exactly the space you hoped for. The yard, however? That’s a different story. Now it is time to look at your landscaping needs: how to take the beauty inside out and outside in! Spring is here, and it’s time to get the project underway.


There is much to consider when landscaping a new lot where your new dream home dwells. This blank canvas is ready to become part of your home and your life. Landscaping provides a place for your family to enjoy outdoor games, privacy and nature. Landscaping also adds to your home’s value and curb (or lakeside) appeal.


Landscaping a Wisconsin custom built home comes with its own set of challenges, but the result is a reward worth working toward. Be sure to take on this outdoor adventure thoughtfully and step by step.


Landscaping a Wisconsin Custom Built HomeLandscaping a Wisconsin Custom Built Home

  • Create a master plan or work with a landscape architect to create the plan:

With a plan you can do the work in stages; it does not all have to be completed at once. The effort to make a long term master plan will pay off in the future.


  • The plan is followed by action:

Know your space and know your own wants and desires. What types of trees, plants and bushes do you like? Are you considering an outdoor kitchen? Does your master plan include a swimming pool, boat house or other unique features? Consider your views and how your landscaping with effect those. What type of privacy do you want? The action you take needs to work with you and your family’s life.


  • Landscaping a Wisconsin Custom Built HomeConsider the colors:

Consider the interior of your home –  you spend time making sure the rooms and colors flow together. The same needs to happen with your landscaping. Work with your landscape designer to have colors that bloom throughout the spring, summer, fall and even winter (with evergreens).


  • Erosion and other obstacles:

Just as the shape of the lot can dictate the shape of your new home, obstacles of the soil, the existing trees and slope of the land can dictate options in your landscaping. Having an open mind and using the uniqueness of the lot can be beneficial when making your landscaping choices.


  • Landscaping a Wisconsin Custom Built HomeEnjoy the process:

You are now in your beautiful, custom built home. Take the time to truly enjoy getting your yard and landscaping to be an extension of your dream home.


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