Wisconsin winters can be brutal, and, as we have experienced heavy snowstorms and polar vortexes in the past two weeks, cabin fever has set in. While we live for and dream of the summer months in Wisconsin, when building a custom home you truly need to create space for the long winter months as well. School and business closings and long weekends spent indoors require a place in your home where you can still enjoy family time, alone time, play time and productive time.

How do you build a custom home to include space for surviving the long winter? Consider the household: do you have a playroom where kids can let loose and have fun? A craft room? In home gym? Basketball court, sewing room, indoor greenery, library, home office – these are all wonderful options for spaces in the home to enjoy your hobbies and be productive during the long days of winter in your custom home.


Playrooms are the perfect space for children to let their imagination run wild! The space is a perfect place for toys and books for little ones and, as kids grow into pre-teens and teenagers, a hangout for watching movies, playing board and video games. Perhaps a ping pong or foosball table will be the perfect addition. Whatever it is, create an environment that can grow with your family as their interest change.

Craft Room:

Whether you enjoy sewing or painting, DIY projects, photography, or any other craft, this room can be a creative zone to be enjoyed by the entire family. A day that you are snowed in can become an opportunity to let your inner artist come out! Quilting, knitting, cross stitching are all wonderful hobbies that can give you hours of joy on long winter nights.

Home Gym:

Cabin fever has set in and the entire family needs to get some energy out. A home gym equipped with cardio equipment like a treadmill or stationary bike is perfect for getting your ride or walk in when you can’t get outside. Take an online yoga or HIIT class on from your Smart TV. A sauna in a home gym is the perfect way to stay warm and relax after a workout.


Indoor Basketball Court:

It may seem over the top, but if you have kids who love sports and have space, an indoor basketball court keeps everyone active and at home during the winter for a game of hoops! The indoor court can also accommodate a climbing wall and a viewing deck for family and friends to cheer on the participants.

Home Library/Office:

A cozy space to slip away from everyone where you can enjoy reading your novel or get online and get some work done is a great use of space in a custom home. The room can be small and simple or elaborate with a fireplace, sofa, bookcases and workspace. Thinking out this room thoughtfully leaves an opportunity for a well-balanced room that can be both a space for being productive and for relaxing.

Home Greenery:

The winter months in Wisconsin can feel barren and dark. If you are a plant lover and enjoy cultivating a garden, home greenery may be something you want to consider adding to your dream home. Gardeners can get their plant fix inside and even start seedlings that are ready for summer gardening over the winter.

Whatever will keep you happy and sane during the long days of winter should be considered when creating the plan for your dream home. Maybe you’ve always wanted to brew beer or perhaps learn to develop film in a darkroom. Find something you love and make a space for it in your custom home! If you dream it, the team at Colby Construction can build it.