As you build your custom home and begin to make selections in the process, one of the most important decisions you make are the appliances you select throughout the home. When working with a custom home builder like Colby Construction, you will have guidance from the experts on these selections to make it easier in a world of so many choices to select the luxury appliances for your custom kitchen. Let’s break down the product options and dream about having the latest and greatest in your luxury kitchen.

The appliances in the kitchen are likely the most important ones in the house. If you love cooking and want products that will enhance your culinary skills, or see cooking as a chore and want products that will simplify your life, you will want to do some research and find the luxury appliances that best meet your needs.

Luxury Appliances for Your Custom Kitchen

Ranges, Cooktops, Ovens and Stoves:

Cooking is an essential part of living, and with families staying in and cooking together now more then ever, the choice to make this happen in crucial.

In 2000 Sub-Zero acquired Wolf, which offers a variety of high-end range options for your culinary needs. From 30” to 60” gas ranges with 4 to 8 burners, infrared griddles and charbroilers, Wolf Ranges offer an option for every size kitchen and customer’s needs. With their signature red knobs, they now offer black and silver as options as well to customize your look.  Wolf also offers gas, electric and induction cooktops. Looking for the best in a stand-alone built in stove? You will certainly find one you love choosing between the options in convection ovens: standard, steam and speed, ranging in size from 24” to 36” in width.

Like Wolf, Miele is another top of the line manufacturing that offers a wide range of options for your cooking and baking needs. Miele was founded in 1899 and is a family-owned high-end appliance company from Germany. They feature built-in convection, speed and steam ovens, cooktops and ranges in a variety of sizes.


When building a custom home, the refrigerator is definitely an important part of the kitchen, not only for functionality but also the look and feel of your space. A high-end kitchen calls for a built in refrigerator, regardless of the size or style you want. Whether it will be stainless or have custom panels to match the cabinets, it needs to be built in. Aside from the main refrigerator, the kitchen may also feature beverage centers and wine coolers as well.

Sub-Zero offers a variety of options, from the classic to professional series, giving a variety of configurations to meet your family’s needs. They also offer a variety of under counter options from drawers to cabinets. A wine cooler adds a distinct look to a custom home, and you can select from under cabinet options to built-in full size coolers. Other top rated refrigeration options include Thermador, Viking, Bosch and Kitchen Aid. There is a wide range of options in all of these brands to meet your needs and your budget.


Dishwashers are an essential part of the custom kitchen, and they have certainly come a long way since their introduction to the appliance world. A quiet dishwasher is certainly a desired option for your luxury kitchen, and of course ability to clean the dishes and drying styles are important features as well.

The Bosch Dishwasher continuously ranks as one of the best options on the market.  With multiple configurations for 3 racks, very quiet and different drying options, they offer a variety of sizes and options in their dishwashers.

Like their ranges, Miele Dishwashers are also ranked very high every year too. Thermador offers an excellent dishwasher option as well. All of these appliances are offered in stainless steel with the option of a custom panel.

Luxury Appliances for Your Custom Kitchen

Other Appliances:

Microwaves: Like other appliances, the microwave has come a long way. What used to take up counter space and was loud and clunky, now is a sleek unit, built into the wall, island or under the counter. There many options to meet your family’s needs. Some of the top brands include Bosch, Viking, KitchenAid and Dacor.

In order to make your custom kitchen truly custom, there are other appliances you will want to invest in.

  • Built in Coffee Systems: This luxurious option for a high-end kitchen will feature plumbed water system, whole bean grinder and coffee options from espressos and drips to lattes. Some of the best ranked brands are Miele, BSH, Bosch and Thermador.
  • Steam Ovens: Steam ovens have recently gained popularity, particularly in high-end kitchens. They are a great alternative to a microwave and offer a healthy cooking and baking option. Top ranked brands are consistently Wolf, Miele and Thermador.

Luxury Appliances for Your Custom Kitchen blog post - microwave close up

Like all the selections throughout your custom home, do the research, talk to your builder and understand your family’s needs. There are so many great luxury appliances and products on the market that you will be sure to find items that fit your style, kitchen design and budget. View more Colby Construction kitchens and luxury kitchen appliances on our Pinterest here.