Undoubtedly, the most anticipated time of year for luxury lake home owners is the season when the beauty of a lake setting can be enjoyed with family and friends. While winter offers its own lakefront recreation, in the form of ice boating, ice skating or even ice fishing, these activities require a bit more cooperation from Mother Nature than Wisconsin can often promise for extended periods of time. Thus, the true season begins with the spring melt of both snow and ice, with warmer days ahead, and, as with the home itself, now is the perfect time to prepare for optimal enjoyment of the magical setting.

Our indecisive climate in Southeastern Wisconsin can provide spontaneous blue ribbon days for outdoor enjoyment in April and May. In order to maximize the season for lake living, prepare in advance of the standard Memorial Day unveiling of waterfront details and get a head start on the enjoyment. On the Spring checklist for lake front properties:

  • Boat house/ storage shed clean-up
  • Piers – installation & maintenance
  • Deck furniture – maintenance and placement
  • Boats/ water crafts – clean and have ready for use
  • Shoreline maintenance/ clean-up/ plantings

If your lakefront home has a boathouse or other storage facilities designated for water toys and accessories, now is the perfect time to dust out the cobwebs (which are plentiful by the lake). Air out the lifejackets, take inventory of ropes, pumps, water toys, and identify anything that needs to be fixed or replaced. Dust off the kayaks and paddle boards (make sure to have the paddles nearby). The best time to tackle this is now so you are ready to roll with friends on a spontaneous spring weekend when the weather calls.

Even more importantly, in the process of cleaning and taking inventory, add some order to that space. Now is also the time to install hooks, add shelves or buy storage containers; put simply, everything should have its place. Not only does this facilitate a well-organized and thus “easy to find” space that all family members can easily maintain, but it also provides the ability to do inventory at a glance.

The shoreline should naturally be tended to, along with the rest of your luxury lake home’s property during a proper spring clean up, with perhaps some different attention due to its location, such as assessing shoreline erosion or any damage done to plantings, barriers or masonry during the winter freeze. Again, now is the time to assess and repair prior to busy summer months. Also, it is not too early to add some color and life down there; consider a few hearty potted spring plantings, which beckons admirers to stay and enjoy.

Another good tip is to make sure you have a place to sit and enjoy the lake and views pre-summer, when it’s quiet and lake traffic is at a minimum. While summer may be the most coveted season for lake dwellers in terms of water activity and entertaining, the bookend seasons offer their own rewards and more opportunity for unplanned enjoyment. Place your lakeside furniture now, along with the rest of your outdoor furniture, and be ready to quietly enjoy these early warm days before the lake is buzzing with summer activity.