When you live in southeastern Wisconsin, the long winter months make it hard to get outside and practice spring, summer and fall sports for kids. An indoor sports area in your custom home that is used for just that makes it possible to keep pursuing those dreams all year long.

Make the Most of the Long Winter: Indoor Sports Area in Your Custom Home

Helping our children pursue those athletic dreams is a common goal for parents today. As grade, high school and select sports teams become more and more competitive, a space for kids to practice is an ideal way to help move them to the next level. It’s also a great way to bond as a family.

Colby Construction can help you achieve the goal of creating that space and today we are featuring a home that desired just that. With two active boys, ages 9 and 12, the family wanted their basement to include an area to work on their baseball skills. This was the center of the decision to create the space (a batting cage) but it is used for much more!

When initiating the idea for the space, the family wanted it to be used for baseball practice but they also wanted a place where kids could play games and parents could hang out and watch them. The result was a 12’ x 55’ batting cage, along with a seating area for the entire family to enjoy.


The batting cage has become the heart of the home for this family, and the space is used for much more than just batting practice.

The area is also perfect for:

  • Fielding and hitting with a private coach
  • Dodgeball tournaments
  • Football games
  • Playroom for the boys and their friends
  • Lacrosse net and shooting practice
  • Family room (sitting/viewing area)

While watching professional athletes compete is great fun and an inspiration for all of us to get active, what a better way to use the space in your basement! A place where you can set goals and push towards achieving them, a space where you can play and be active all year long. Athletic goals do not need to be those of professionals, but it’s a wonderful way to spend more time playing with your kids. It’s also a great way for kids to stay active and off of their devices and screens. If more family bonding time is what you’re after, or if your kids need a little coercion to put down the joystick and get moving, creating your basement into a bona fide sports complex is a surefire way to infuse that athletic spirit into your home. Colby Construction can work with you to create this—whether that be a batting cage, a basketball court or a workout room, your dream to pursue athletic goals can be a reality!