The beauty of custom building a luxury home is the opportunity to create your own unique experience, envisioned and realized. The experience has many different priorities depending on the client, ranging from impact, setting, views, living and entertaining space. That experience should begin upon arrival, from the first glimpse of the home on the approach as well as when the front door opens. The entrance to the home should be considered one of the most important scenes to set for the experience that is to encompass the entirety of the home and its environs.

Imagining the drive, the walk to the home, the front steps, porch and front door and finally the foyer or interior entryway are all integral components in making an entrance into your new luxury custom home. On the approach, materials, landscaping and lighting are all factors that contribute to the natural welcoming path to the home itself, setting the tone or providing a hint for the experience that will unfold once the door opens.

Any stone, wood or ironwork materials that are incorporated into the landscaping that flanks the entrance to the home should be a thoughtful enhancement to the main attraction. A simple template for the design surrounding the entrance is an extension of the lines of the home, particularly when the architecture has clean lines and lacking in ornamentation. The home below exemplifies a beautifully simple yet inviting front porch, with planters and hanging benches that meld seamlessly with the white woodwork of a custom lake home and perfectly frame the entrance. In addition, the light fixtures are subtle and practical, mirroring the contemporary country design.


In contrast, the modern craftsman style of the luxury lakeside retreat below offers more of a dramatic, approach. The artfully designed blue stone walk lined by up-lit foliage leads to a sleek stone porch, which mirrors the stonework of the home. The entrance invites you into the home upon the approach, with a virtual wall of windows providing a glimpse into the home and the lake beyond. The recessed lighting completes the dramatic effect without need for ornamentation.


The entrance to a luxury custom built home is an opportunity for a first and lasting impression into the creation of your dreams. It can provide a first glimpse into the personality of the owners, a simple complimentary welcome mat or more dramatic statement of style and taste. The lighting, pathway, porch, plantings, furniture, art and front doors themselves can be fundamental focal points to build upon. The following link provides a few different perspectives into making an entrance.