Making Your Bedroom a Place of Comfort and Repose in Your Custom HomeWhen we’re oohing and ahhhing over beautifully crafted custom homes by Colby Construction, we’re usually focusing on the kitchen, the living room, or maybe the wine cellar. We don’t usually spend time gushing over the bedrooms. The master bath in the bedroom, yes. The bedroom itself? Not usually.

Think about the last time you took a new home tour. Maybe your brother-in-law just bought a new home. Or maybe your parents downsized into a smaller living space. Whatever the circumstances, new home tours don’t often begin and end in the bedroom. They don’t often even spend much time in the bedroom at all. And for good reason – the kitchen, the dining room, the living room are all places to show off as modern, updated, convenient and comfortable to our friends and family. The bedroom, however, should be all those things as well: modern, updated, convenient and comfortable. Making your bedroom a place of comfort and repose in your custom home is not to be overlooked. After all, where do you spend more time: in the bedroom, getting your suggested 8 hours of sleep, or the dining room, where you host Christmas dinner or, more recently, Mother’s Day brunch?

Making Your Bedroom a Place of Comfort and Repose in Your Custom Home

Making Your Bedroom a Place of Comfort and Repose in Your Custom HomeDecorate for Your Lifestyle

Do you like big, modern wall art? Or do you prefer small, intimate family photos? And what about wall color? Should you create an accent wall with a big, bold color or stick to neutrals? These are questions to be answered only by you, the person residing in the bedroom. Think about your preferences and tastes and incorporate them in your room. Don’t try to decorate your bedroom out of your comfort zone. You want to make this place a location that feels inviting and comforting, right from the very beginning.

Remember Open Space

You know what happens to bedrooms: they inevitably become cluttered. Give yourself a fighting chance to keep your bedroom organized by keeping open space in mind when designing it. You don’t need to fill every wall with dressers, armchairs, armoires and the like. Keep as many storage and comfort items as you absolutely need. No more, no less. It might feel empty at the beginning, but, trust us: when the paperwork piles up on your dining room table and dishes are piled in the sink, you’ll love coming to this oasis of clutter-free comfort.

Making Your Bedroom a Place of Comfort and Repose in Your Custom HomeMake it Comfortable

Do you like to put your shoes on at the foot of the bed? Add a stylish and functional bench. Does your corner room get draft? An in-room fireplace is romantic and practical. Think about the elements of functionality that would really elevate your bedroom. You spend time picking out the best counter-tops for your kitchen – why not do the same for your bedroom?

If you’re looking for more bedroom ideas, spend some time looking at our entire Bedroom Portfolio here on Houzz. Gather ideas for all the bedrooms in your new custom home so that when it’s all said and done, your bedroom is a place of comfort and repose for as long as you live there.