In the age of technology, books are still an important part of our every day lives. They provide a means for escape, entertainment, reference, history and in many cases offer beautiful imagery. Many families have books handed down through the generations, ranging from children’s tales to cookbooks, with priceless memories attached. The printed word and classic illustrations hold nostalgic value for many families, and even the most carefully designed custom luxury homes contain hundreds of books that deserve a thoughtful place.

Depending on family lifestyle and design tastes, books may be designated to specific shelves and rooms or spread lovingly throughout the home wherever they are enjoyed. Coffee table books are still coveted collectibles, eye-candy for guests and homeowners alike, and typically offer a glimpse into the families’ interests, hobbies or travels; they are also often intentionally placed to make a statement. Yet books are one of the only design props that are so multi-functional in terms of reflecting some story of the owner, offering a story to a guest and providing a personal decorative accent.

With the variety of books that the average luxury homeowner has in their collection, typically they are spread throughout the home, depending on subject and usage, much like other personal items. In the absence of a true library, consider a designated room (den, living room) for book collections to reside, and create a well-designed, accessible space to house such a collection, making them easy to find and stay organized. Nearly all rooms have their own reason for making a space for the right book or reading material; books are regularly used in the kitchen, bedroom, den, family room and even bathroom.

Shelves are a practical necessity in any home, providing a platform for pictures, art, collectibles, and yes, books. Shelving comes in many forms, hidden behind cabinets, subtly incorporated into practical spaces, utilitarian or ornate, meant to blend into architectural lines or stand-out as art in itself. Many custom built homes today will optimize areas for built-in shelving and storage to add flexibility to living spaces and how they will be utilized. They are a vessel for the contents, taking shape when filled, and books beautifully fill the space; an empty shelf begs for a story.

For bibliophiles, books have a very special place in the home; and with few exceptions, they are not disposable. Many books on the shelves in such homes may be yet unread, but hold a special meaning, were bought, gifted or inherited with purpose. They contribute to the family tapestry that is yet being woven, thus deserve a home within each room, within each home. In other words, one should not just consider “storage” for books and collections, one should consider which books to keep close and accessible, which books to put on display and which books to safely store for another time.

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