Today’s custom built homes boast many rooms and living spaces that have been redefined or reimagined from the traditional purpose. One of the areas or spaces that has received such a revitalized purpose also happens to be, traditionally, the most utilitarian and mundane space in home, luxury or otherwise: the closet. In fact, the mere concept of the closet has evolved from a luxury to a necessity over the past century, as storage and organization is a greater priority in this era of conspicuous consumption. From clothing and personal effects to toys, books and media, we have more of everything today, and designers, architects and custom home builders are continually reinventing the way we think about storage.

The master closet usually tops the list (along with kitchen and master bath) for an older home renovation, as it is always a well thought out space in any new luxury home construction. Walk in closets are no longer exclusively for the wealthy or extravagant home owner, but considered the new gold standard. Yet, rather than just stopping at walking in, with shelves and racks, custom home builders today are fully accustomed to extending the design palates of surrounding living spaces with lighting, materials and even furniture.

The master closet for the lucky dream home owner can even be a retreat. The link below to some of our favorite creative closet spaces showcases fantastic designs and organization ideas for the modest collector to the grandest fashionista.

Of note is the strategic usage of lighting in the most appealing of these spaces. Fixtures may add a beautiful design element, while generous recessed or canned lighting properly illuminates the space. Several of these desirable closets also boast natural lighting, adding a most desirable element of fresh air and a view. Having this feature also makes the room more conducive to additional uses, such as dressing area, vanity table, or even a lounge. A few of the exceptional closets with natural lighting featured a cozy window seat and perfect reading nook.

While a vanity/ dressing area is really a natural extension of a master bedroom closet, it was not always viewed as such. Nor was a kitchen ever considered a natural room to expand its duties to “home office”, yet times have changed and so have family lifestyles. The kitchen is generally ground zero for busy families managing multiple schedules, and the picture below is a perfect example of how to maximize space in a dream home remodel: kitchen pantry meets family office.


The options are endless for multi-purposing traditional closet and storage spaces to suit the modern family and lifestyle. Even simple additions, from both a design and functionality standpoint, can make a tremendous difference without adding any cost. From nurseries to offices or darkrooms, the more your dream home builder/ designer partners know about your family life, the more inventive they can be in presenting a myriad of options to redefine “closet” for you.