Building a custom home offers a distinct range of advantages, and the experts at Colby Construction can help you turn the dream into a reality. Before starting the project, though, you will want to make a list of the must-have features in a custom home that are a priority for you and your family.


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A custom-built home has to have some unique and personal features, and knowing the custom home trends will help you decide the full potential of your property. This is a quick look at some of the most popular recent must-have features in a luxury home for 2024 and beyond.

Where to Begin:

Location, location, location! Find the right location! Is the best place for your dream home on the shores of a lake? Or on acres of wooded land? The location is the most important decision you will make. After that is chosen, you can outline the other requirements your home will need, like having enough space for your family. Once the size and space is determined, what features are most important? Below are some features we think will help make the most of your custom home.


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Home Office:

Home offices have been seen in luxury homes for several decades. However, the pandemic caused a huge spike in the number of people working from home (either full-time or through hybrid working). Since then, many organizations have become far more flexible with remote work, too. Whether you’re a business owner or an employee, there is a very strong possibility that you might have the chance to work from home. Home workspaces have become a necessity for many.


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The addition of an office space has been one of the hottest custom home trends in recent years. A dedicated home office to support your work-from-home status enables you to remain productive. It creates a clear barrier to switching from work mode to leisure mode when you’re in different parts of the house. A home office can also add more value to the property and improve your work-life balance.


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When designing the home office, you must ensure that it has good lighting and ergonomic furniture, as well as all the furniture and equipment needed to perform your tasks. Ideally, you should pick a location that is separated from the gathering areas in your home.


Smart Home System:

The best custom homes feature the latest design trends and styles, but they should also feature the latest technology. You want to create a home that has advanced technology, and smart home systems are the key to building your dream home of tomorrow. When used effectively, smart tech can enhance your home life on a daily basis.
The latest technologies can be used for things like climate control, HVAC systems, and smart thermostats, which can use technology to adapt the home to your habits and preferences. You can also include voice-activated lighting, TVs, and appliances that can be managed from your smartphone. Aside from automating many household tasks to save you time, tech-based custom home features can also extend to surveillance via smart camera systems.

Smart home tech also makes it easier to reduce energy consumption through added efficiency and the use of renewables. You can save money while reducing your carbon footprint.


Outdoor Patio/Outdoor Kitchen:

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When thinking about the latest custom home trends, you need to think beyond the interior of your dream home. Well-designed external living spaces bring a whole new dimension to the home. While several luxury features could be incorporated into your outdoors, ranging from swimming pools to tennis courts, your outdoor patio or deck should be at the top of your list. An outdoor living space will have you spending more time enjoying your property and nature.


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A luxury outdoor kitchen transforms a space into the perfect setting for hosting social gatherings. You might find that family mealtimes and lazy Sunday afternoons are significantly improved. Incorporating recessed lighting, heaters, and entertainment features (like projector screens) can further enhance your space. A firepit or outdoor fireplace can extend the time on your patio well into the fall.


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Large windows and full-opening doors are also great ways to connect outdoor spaces to indoor living areas.

Home Bar or Entertainment Area:


A home bar, wine cellar, and entertainment area are key to making your home the perfect place to entertain friends and family. Home bars now include small appliances, microwaves, dishwashers, and small ovens to make it easier than ever to entertain. A large, walk-in wine cellar allows for wine tasting and adds a beautiful feature to the home that is functional as well.


picture of a home bar and a pool table


The space only gets better when you add a gaming area for pool, shuffle board or whatever your favorite games are.


picture of a guest bedroom with a high ceiling and large windows

Guest Room or Quarters:

picture of a white guest bedroom


A must-have feature for today’s custom home is an area where your guests, friends or family can make themselves at home. Whether it’s a bedroom with an adjoining bathroom, or its own separate quarters that feature a sitting area and small kitchenette, the goal is an area where your guests can have their own space.



When building your dream home, consider all the custom home features that are on your wish list. The experts at Colby Construction will help make those wishes a reality!